Welcome to our new officers, delegates and spokespersons!

After a successful Annual State Meeting, the Green Party of Florida is proud to announce our new officers, delegates and spokespersons.

Samson LeBeau Kpadenou
Robin Denise Harris

Secretary: Emma Naclerio

Treasurer: Aaron Frost

Communications Secretary: Elijah Manley

Recording Secretary: Chris Cordola

Assistant Treasurer: Rogelio Perez Gonzalez

Delegates to the Green Party US National Council:
(Delegates serve on the National Committee, the final decision-making body of the GPUS)

Elijah Manley
Maggie Gouldin
Henry Lawrence

Alternate Delegates to the Green Party US National Council:

Emma Naclerio
Regelio Perez Gonzalez
John Debus

Observers to the Green Party US National Council:

Steve Newman
Nick Osterman


Karen Morian
Robin Harris
Anita Stewart
Steve Showen

PS: Three of our officers are qualified candidates in 2018 elections: Elijah Manley (manleyforbroward.com), Robin Denise Harris (Harris4Six.com) and Samson LeBeau Kpadenou (Samson2018.com)

Go Green in 2018!

GPFL Annual General Membership Meeting 2018 in Lake Worth

We will be holding our 2018 General Membership Meeting in West Palm Beach this year, during the weekend of Friday, June 29th to Sunday, July 1st.

Day 1: FRI Jun 29, 6-10PM
Location: Compass Community Center – 201 N Dixie Highway, Lake Worth 33460
Friday night is social night, where we’ll hear from candidates, report-backs from community activists, and hang out a bit.
Day 2: SAT Jun 30, 10AM-5PM
Location: Brogues DownUnder – 621 Lake Ave, Lake Worth 33460
Saturday is a day of workshops and circles.
Day 3: SUN Jul 1, 10AM-3PM
Location: Guatemalan Maya Center – 430 N G St, Lake Worth, FL 33460
Sunday is for elections of GPFL offices and joining national work groups, and for voting (or consenting on) proposals.

See the 3 day agenda here: https://bit.ly/2KeL0hT.

All registered greens in attendance may vote (Greens can still be voting members even if legally restricted from voting by the state by filling out the annually submitted form: https://gpfl.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/gpfl-active-membership-form11.pdf)

Please rsvp on facebook or send a note to info@gpfl.org. Registration for the weekend is $20 suggested donation. Come for free Friday night to get acquainted! : )


Student Leader, Jared Austin, Kicks Off State Green Party Annual Meeting

As many of you know environmental degradation is no single issue, it is embedded in the same system that has plagued workers, minorities, and various other oppressed groups for going on centuries; this system, of course, is capitalism and it was this realization within our organization that got us much closer to the actual Green Party platform and got us into the streets.

wThis young student organizer and president and founder of Green Party Alliance of USF, launched our annual state conference with this thoughtful opening speech, where he spoke of the systemic problems of capitalism and imperialism and of the actions he and his fellow student greens and activists are taking on, including calling for USF to divest from all fossil fuel use and investments by 2020. He speaks eloquently about the bigger picture as well as concrete efforts on the ground and the work ahead for all of us working for a fair, just and sustainable future.

Jared Austin, president of the Green Party Alliance, USF.

Good afternoon, I want to first thank Cathy Gilbert and Josh Pritchett for allowing the Green Party Alliance at USF to host this wonderful event today, our organization is truly honored and excited especially given where we began, the current state of the world today and given what events like today will mean in the future. I would also like to thank the members of the Tampa chapter of the Green Party who saw a young student passionate Continue reading “Student Leader, Jared Austin, Kicks Off State Green Party Annual Meeting”