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Candidate Recruitment for the 2018 Election Cycle is underway. If your interested in being one of our 2018 Green Party Candidate’s please visit our Run For Office page and fill out the form so we can be in touch!

2016 Green Candidates

PRIMARY ELECTION – Hillsborough County, FL
Register/change party by Aug. 1
Early Voting Aug. 15-28
Election Day Aug. 30

Randy Toler for Hillsborough County School Board, District 7



Register/change party by Aug. 1
Early Voting Aug. 15-27
Election Day Aug. 30

Oliver Kofoid for Mosquito Control Board, Monroe County, District 1

Read Ollie’s Statement: ollie.kofoid.election.statement2016.optimized


Green Candidates who ran for Public Office in Florida 2015

• Henry Lawrence for State House, Bay County, District 6,

• Didier Ortiz for City Commission, Ft Lauderdale, District 3,

• Harry Patterson for County Commission, Alachua

• Randy Toler for School Board, Seffner District 6

Henry Lawrence

Henry Lawrence
State Representative, District 6
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Didier Ortiz
Ft Lauderdale City Commission, District 3
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Harry Patterson

Harry Patterson
County Commission, Alachua
Write-in Candidate

Randy Toler

Randy Toler
Hillsborough School Board
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13 thoughts on “GP Candidates”

  1. It’s too bad that GPFL did not have a write-in recommendation for governor. With 3 independents on the ballot, couldn’t you have endorsed one or at least commented on them?

  2. Really hoping for an explanation either of an answer to Mr. Kesich’s question or of how we can get involved, educated, and in action so that this public disconnect needn’t happen again! With love from a homeschooled high schooler from Florida District Thirteen.

  3. Or, I could just be responsible and find out myself! Vote for Farid Khavari and Lateresa A. Jones for State Governor and State Lieutenant Governor! The people united will never be defeated!

  4. Greens in Florida were divided about Khavari, based on a book that he wrote critical of Arabs/Muslims.
    We liked his state bank idea & many other things. We would appreciate more volunteer input & members getting involved rather than side-line criticism. Not all of us can run for office & with the costs rising to qualify that takes some people helping with either the signatures or donating.

    No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Gil Scott Heron

  5. Jennifer suggests helping with signatures or donating.

    While I’ve been contributing to GPUS for years, and to GPPA where I used to live to a much lesser extent, so far GPFL has left me decidedly unimpressed. I doubt I’ll contribute to them any time soon.

    As for gathering signatures, I might be more inclined to do that if GPFL ensured that there is a GPFL recommended candidate – write-in would be fine – in every race. (I’m not sure why there was no option for write-ins in local races on my ballot. FL encouraging democracy?)

    In PA, signature requirements for 3rd parties are absurd. Also, the Democrats always challenge GP signatures (Republicans challenge Libertarians) and if the challenge succeeds it is very costly. Not only that, but GPPA turnout is very poor.

    How different are things in FL?

    Putting a lot of money and effort into getting people on the ballot who have a very slim chance of winning does not seem a good investment. I suspect a better result could be had by ensuring GPFL had write-in candidates, or recommended candidates, for all races and concentrated efforts on get out the vote.

    Another way GPFL could reach out to voters would be to provide trustworthy information on candidates. Wouldn’t it be great if GPFL became the go to place for voters who want to be informed?

    FYI – What I did in the governor’s race was to pick one of the write-ins at random (Khavari as it happens), checked out his web site and when that looked okay wrote him in. Not exactly an informed vote, but I think it is far more important to register my disapproval of Scott & Crist than to vote for the very best snowflake in hell.

  6. My recent experience with a “third” party, which I will not name, left me unsure that we really live in a democracy. EVERYTHING in the USA is a business. Making money is the name of the game.

  7. I’m in Japan. Just got my absentee ballot. My son and I are registered to vote in Florida. I see a list of NPA candidates, which are our Green candidates for Senate, Congress, etc.

  8. Not sure why GPFL didn’t respond to Sam’s post.

    Here in FL Green candidates appear as GRE on the ballot. If what you are really asking is whether GPFL makes endorsements in races where no Green is running, the answer is no, at least that’s what I was told last year. And I think that’s a real disservice to party members.

    I’ve done some checking into the 4 NPA’s running against Rubio and Murphy, and I’m voting for Machat – seems to be the most left leaning of the bunch.

    On justice/judge retentions I’m voting YES – the incumbent would have to be really bad for me to want Rick Scott appointing a replacement.

    On the ballot issues, I’m voting YES on #2 (medical marijuana) and NO on the rest. #1 is a piece of greenwash to ensure utility monopoly of solar, while the other two are inappropriate ways to help handicapped first responders and seniors.

    If you have the time and inclination to research NPA candidates, is a good resource for finding campaign web sites. If you don’t just pick one. Realistically, it is very unlikely they will come close to winning. Or you can simply write yourself in.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Will the Green Party have a candidate for Governor in Florida? 2018.

    386 314 3646

    386 788 3885

    I would consider becoming a Green Party Candidate for Governor….should NO other Green Party member wish to do so.

    My maximum votes for State Senate District 14, 2016……..73,300 votes


    email me at

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