Bringing Solar to the Ballot in Florida!

Green Party of Florida supports Floridians for Solar Choice in the effort to bring solar energy to the ballot.

Floridians for Solar Choice is a grassroots citizens’ effort to allow more homes and businesses to generate electricity by harnessing the power of the sun. Currently, Florida is one of only five states* in the nation that prohibit citizens from buying electricity from companies that will put solar panels on your home or business. This prohibition limits customer choice and blocks the growth of this abundant, clean homegrown energy source. The choice to harness solar power should be available to everyone.

Floridians for Solar Choice is promoting a Florida constitutional amendment ballot initiative that would give Florida’s families and businesses the right to choose solar power. Past legislative efforts to overcome barriers to solar choice have been thwarted by large monopoly power companies like Florida Power and Light (FPL) and Duke Energy. These big power companies do not want to lose their exclusive hold on Florida’s electric customers or their wallets.

Floridians for Solar Choice supporters believe Florida citizens should have the right and freedom to choose solar power generated electricity if they want and from whom they want. Solar power should be available to every Floridian.