Thanksgiving at Standing Rock’s North Dakota protest against oil pipeline

it was a sorrow-filled so-called “Thanksgiving” at Standing Rock as the Indigenous peoples and Water Protectors kept their vigil against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in spite of unspeakable police violence. There were unrelenting assaults against the human rights of these peaceful demonstrators.


And frankly, there was nothing to be thankful for except the courage of the Earth and Water Protectors as well as others engaged in peaceful protest.

Indeed, if anything, Standing Rock is a bitterly ironic challenge to the colonial concept of “Thanksgiving”.

There were horrific scenes, reminiscent of the genocidal Indian Wars of the late 19th century, except this time with modern-day weapons of water cannons, rubber bullets, and concussion grenades. 

In fact, the police nearly blew the arm off one of the activists, Sophia Wilansky from New York, early Monday morning.

She was airlifted to a hospital in Minnesota where she faces potentially dozens of surgeries to try and save her arm.

Hundreds more have been hurt and dozens have been hospitalized. Green activists and the Water Protectors have literally put their lives on the line to protect the land against toxic oil spills and the desecration of sacred Indian sites.

Greens from all over the country are at Standing Rock, and a delegation of 7 people (6 from Colorado and 1 from Maine) were dispatched from the Stein/Baraka campaign from November 2 through November 9.

They went to stand in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples laying their lives on the line to protect the sacred earth and their traditions – an earth that we all live on – as well as to demonstrate for human rights and the right to peaceful protest.

2016-11-24.pngThat delegation, led by National Co-Chair Andrea Mérida Cuéllar, not only went to stand in ideological solidarity, but also delivered much-needed cold-weather supplies and gear to the camp.

Why are we Greens standing in solidarity? Why are we trying to support the Standing Rock action and help keep it going?

Because the earth they seek to protect is the same earth the Green Party is pledged to protect.

In fact, as you read this letter, Andrea Mérida Cuéllar and other members of the Green Party’s Steering Committee are working together to see how we might fund a semi-permanent warming station at the camp, which would be sponsored by our Outreach Committee.

And that’s why I’m writing you today. We need your help to make this warming station a reality.

We need your financial support so the Green Party can deliver this badly needed support throughout the harsh North Dakota winter to the Water Protectors and other anti-DAPL activists.

The situation in Standing Rock is dire, with the State Police and Sheriff’s Department clearly ramping up the violence against peaceful, unarmed civilians.

Brooklyn-Greens-Standing-Rock.jpgBut the Water Protectors are determined to lay their lives on the line to stop the pipeline. Right now, work on the pipeline – just a quarter of a mile from the Missouri River – has been stopped as tribal leaders talk to the Army Corps of Engineers.

We need to do our part to force a permanent stop to the pipeline’s construction.

Can you help today to make sure that the Green Party can deliver the warming station and continue its presence at the camp? The movement to stop DAPL is the most visible struggle against the rape of our environment right now, and it’s up to us to stay in the fight with those who are on the ground.

Please, before you forget, give as generously as you can to GPUS today so that we can fund these and other actions. Our platform commits us to protecting the environment.

Ground zero is at Standing Rock.

We need your help! Give today.

Thank you,
Starlene Rankin

P.S. Your donation of any amount will help the Green Party fund the Standing Rock support and a myriad of initiatives designed to help create the world that we believe in and deserve. Please don’t delay. Give today, as generously as you can.

Green Party of the United States

Today, The Day of Mourning was honored by taking action at Turtle Hill. Water protectors from all across the globe, alongside 300+ indigenous tribes stood in solidarity with the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota nations. A makeshift bridge was formed, and water protectors safely crossed the river onto Turtle Hill, a sacred burial location for the Standing Rock tribe. Nearly 1500 protectors stood in unity, on both sides of the water, and made the message clear: We will always be a resistance against the destruction of mother earth.

We gained a lot of ground in 2016!




Now that the dust is settling around the presidential election and people like you and me are coming out of the profound shock of a Trump presidency, it’s become apparent that the Green vote – and Green issues – gained a lot of ground this year.

In short, our movement scored several victories! Just look at this list below:


Ballot Access – We maintained ballot lines in 12 states thanks to voters casting over 1.2 million votes for Jill and Ajamu. (We are on the ballot in lots of other states as a result of Green Party voter registration).

Marijuana legalization – California, Massachusetts and Nevada all passed marijuana legalization (recreational and medical for those 21 years or older). Marijuana for medical use was also approved in Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas.

Minimum Wage – In Alabama, Colorado, and Maine, the minimum wage will  increase to $12 by 2020; in Washington, the minimum wage will increase to $13.50 by 2020.

Repealing Citizens United – Washington state passed initiative 735 and California passed Proposition 59 calling for a constitutional amendment to abolish the illegitimate, court-created concepts of “corporate constitutional rights” and “money equals political speech.”

District of Columbia – A resolution in favor of DC statehood passed.


Ranked-Choice Voting – Maine and Benton County, Oregon both adopted measures approving Ranked-Choice Voting.

Standing Rock/DAPL – In this election, we also participated in the growing movement at Standing Rock being led by indigenous people.

We were the only presidential campaign to stand in solidarity with the water protectors, and Jill and Ajamu were the only Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to actually go and lend their support. The campaign also sent a delegation for an entire week.

We’re proud of that record.

(By the way, Jill and Ajamu will still have legal expenses to travel back and forth to North Dakota on charges of criminal mischief, and will need legal representation, too. If you’d like to help defray travel and legal expenses, click here.)

Also, Greens were elected at the local level! We elected 3 in Minnesota, 5 in Michigan, and 10 to 13 in California, and 1 in Florida.


Overall, the Green Party had many victories!

Now, you may still feel shell-shocked and you may feel it’s a little soon to focus on our accomplishments.

We get it. Trump’s election came as a shock to everyone. And it came on the heels of the nastiest, most bitter campaign in our history.

Fully 80% of voters in America were “repulsed” by this election according to a poll in the New York Times.

Not only did the DNC sabotage Bernie Sanders, they actively worked with corporate media to elevate Donald Trump as a “Pied Piper Candidate” to encourage the most extreme elements of the Republican party.

It’s simply despicable what they did.

But the Green Party is the answer to despair and doubt!

It’s natural to feel sad at the election of Trump, but ultimately we must pick up, move on, and continue with the really great momentum we have.

We are the political arm of this ongoing peaceful, revolutionary, social movement. Our democracy demands we fight on in defense of our values. Fighting for what is right is always worth it – and there is much more work to do.

There’s a right amount of time to mourn – but then, we organize!

Green Party activists are hitting the ground running by organizing and calling for actions against harmful policies, as well as for much needed reforms to the political system.

In the face of a Trump presidency, we need to organize and speak out even more!

We are calling for immediate, direct actions against the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the lame duck session. We already have plans in place to mobilize against it!

We’re also co-organizing for “Occupy the Inauguration” demonstrations on January 20 and 21 (the anniversary of Citizens United).

Nothing has changed for us. Nothing has changed in regard to our leftist party-building directives. We were going to have to fight either way, and resist “empire” no matter what.

But this campaign has been costly.

Will you stand with us and help this campaign end debt-free?

We thank you for being the engine of this revolution and we are with you on this team. We will continue to carry on.

More than one million people stood up for what they knew was right and voted for the Green Party. That’s almost three times more votes than Jill garnered in her 2012 run.

Our movement is growing – this is the beginning, not the end. We will not mourn forever –  we will organize.

This message is to encourage you, fellow Green. We’re with you. Shake off the despair and continue onward and upward with us! There is much to be thankful for and much more to be done …

And it’s in our hands.

Gloria Mattera
Stein/Baraka Campaign Chair

We Can Still Win!

Election day is almost here, and against all odds, our movement for an America that works for all of us keeps growing.

And we can still win: whether we win the White House, win 5% of the popular vote and $10 million in public funding, or just win ballot lines in states across America so we can keep building a people’s party from the grassroots up.

We’ve come so far together – can you do one more thing to help us win?


Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

Believe it or not – every letter can reach thousands of people and make a big difference.

When people in your community read your letter, cutting through all the propaganda and fear to show them they’re not alone in wanting something better, it could give hundreds, even thousands of your neighbors the courage to vote Green for the first time.

The corporate media is working overtime to marginalize us. They want you to think that you’re powerless, because their greatest fear is that we’ll build an independent party that doesn’t take marching orders from the 1%.

That’s why it’s so important that we do everything we can to reach 5% or more. A recent CBS/NY Times poll had us at 4% nationally – and these polls are known for undercounting young people, independents and low-income voters, our strongest supporters.

We are close. But we need to get out the message to as many people as we can: every Green vote counts.

If just one of every ten people reading this takes action, together we’ll send thousands of letters and reach millions of people.

Will you step up and take action when it matters most?

It doesn’t take long to write a letter, and you’ll be glad you did knowing you did everything you could to get every vote for Jill and Ajamu.

Click here for tips on writing a good letter that will get published, and to get you started, sample talking points about why getting the Green Party to 5% of the vote is a win for America.

After all the hard work put in by Jill, Ajamu, and every single person who’s put their time, money, energy and heart into this campaign, let’s finish as strong as we can.

It’s in our hands!

The Stein/Baraka campaign team

PS. Want to get every single Green vote you can? Here are more actions you can take in the next few days to help build the Green Party into the new major party that 57% of Americans are clamoring for!

Over 4,300 of Jill’s supporters cast their ballot in the Why I’m Voting Green poll! Using the ranked-choice voting method, we had 8 rounds of votes calculated and redistributed until we found our winner — the candidate that got over 50% of the votes.* See our first and last round below:

Vote Green 1.PNG

First Round:

Vote Green 2.PNG

Final Round:

Vote Green 4.PNG

Click here to see the round-by-round count of votes. (this link will take you to Round One. Click “Next Round” to see who got defeated in each round and how votes were redistributed)

So what was Stein/Baraka supporters’ top reason to Vote Green?

I want to vote for a party with principles and policies I believe in

What does that tell us? It tells us that Greens are taking democracy back into their hands by voting FOR something — and someone — they believe in, rather than playing into the two-party trap and voting AGAINST a candidate they dislike. Thank you for standing up with us!

*Still not sure exactly how ranked-choice voting (also known as instant runoff voting) works? Click here to learn more from our friends at DemoChoice.





Vote in our next and FINAL ranked-choice voting poll: Rank your favorite Stein/Baraka policies in your order of preference!

We want to hear your thoughts on which Stein/Baraka policy makes Jill and Ajamu most stand apart in the 2016 Election. Below are the possible answers that you can rank in order of preference:

Stand with Standing Rock Land & Water Protectors
Abolish Student Debt
Medicare for All
Black Lives Matter/Racial Justice
Green New Deal
Ranked Choice Voting & Electoral Reform
End War as Foreign Policy


We’ll announce the winner on Monday, just before Election Day!

Happy Friday and Let’s Get Out the Vote!