By Bruce Wright

As expected, some liberals and supposed anarchists are bringing up Maduro’s problems. Not sure how that justifies US intervention and war. Obviously, these people either do not know or deny how the US via the CIA and other ways has intervened globally and wrecked havoc. Sometimes Liberals and so called Anarchists, probably trust fund babies, are useful idiots for Capitalism and Imperialism. So let the accusations reactionary voices respond.

Apologists for US interventions come and defend your positions, you will certainly be welcome by Wall Street, the CIA, Department of Defense, the Democratic and Republican leadership and Trump. Democrats get in bed with Trump and Republicans alike so often when it comes to American foreign policy. When will the establishment left come to terms with their complicit actions resulting in thousands upon thousands of deaths abroad and yes here too, as they routinely sell out the poor, homeless, and people of color. The brutality of the Police state, here and abroad was co-created by the Dems and Republicans, one does it to our face and one does it behind our back.

Leftists that serve the interests of Capitalism, Imperialism, and the petty bourgeoisie are counter-revolutionary and therefore dangerous to the oppressed classes of the Poor and disenfranchised, they are dangerous to the LGBTQ community, other abled people, Women, Black and Brown people, Indigenous people, disenfranchised youth and so called elderly and the refugee/migrant/undocumented, the homeless, Muslims, Jews, and other marginalized religions. They serve the wealthy class, the elites and the US Military Industrial complex, oil, etc.

This explains to some level why they are currently supporting the overthrow of the Maduro government in Venezuela, under the guise of concerns about the people of Venezuela. This is less about concern for the oppressed and more about domination of Venezuela’s resources, especially oil. Make no mistake this is what the Capitalists want and any so called progressive that supports that, is counter to the interests of the people.

Bruce Wright, MA, Dmin, MAC
with Poor Peoples Economic Human Right Campaign.

He can be reached at He is host of Revolutionary Road Radio Show on Tantalk radio Tampa Bay, Independent journalist, writer, activist, organizer

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  1. The tacit consent and silence of the status quo in the face of open support for a coup to overthrow the democratically elected president of Venezuela is beyond grotesque and vile. Marco Rubio continues his cheerleading Trump, Pompeo, Bolton on for illegal regime change and killer sanctions. Along with their allies in the discredited right wing Lima Group, Ottawa, Wall St and Brussels elite. We must demand hands off Venezuela! No wars or regime change for oil! Let real democracy of the people rule.
    In solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Venezuela.

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