GPFL AMM (2014) Registration, Food & Accommodations

Register Early! : )

1. Pay for your Registration and Food Plan by clicking on the DONATE button.
2. Fill the fields and hit SEND, then choose your method of payment (check, credit card or paypal)
3. Put int the ammount. $55 for both Registration and Food Plan (for 5 meals! plus Friday snacks).
Only $45 if paid by May 31st.


Registration by May 31: $20.
Registration by June 5: $25.
At the door: $25.

Food Plans:
Early Bird Food Plan (by May 31): $25 for 5 meals +Friday
(or Ala carte: $6/meal)
Later Bird Food Plan (by June 5): $30.
(or Ala carte: $7/meal)



Let us know if you have special needs. Here’s the weekend menu:

-Friday night menu:  Coffee/ice tea/water (C/IT/W), vegetable platter, dips, cookies and chips, selection of three cheeses.
Almond milk and half & half (organic)
-Saturday breakfast: C/IT/W, fruit tray, muffins, danishes, cereal boxes, milk/half& half (organic), almond milk, cheeses, butter
-Saturday lunch: C/IT/W, minestrone vegetarian soup, breads, salad
-Saturday dinner: C/IT/W, pasta dish, roasted vegetables, breads, butter, salad, sheet cakes, brownies
-Sunday breakfast: same as Saturday
-Sunday lunch: leftovers from previous day meals



Do you want to carpool? Do you need a place to stay? Let us know asap so that beds, couches, and floor space can be secured for you. Please call 561-907-7880 and leave a message. provides another great option for shared or singular apts and homes.