GPFL drafts new bill — Gains sponsors in Legislature

GPFL drafts new bill — Gains sponsors in Legislature
Proposed Legislation will correct 5 Legal Florida Holidays that celebrate Confederates & Colonizers
August 21, 2020

Senator Bobby Powell and Representative Geraldine Thompson will be sponsoring a new bill for the 2021 legislative session.  The legislation was created by The Green Party of Florida and introduced to members of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus which is supporting this bill.

The Repair Legal Holidays of Confederates and Colonizers bill (FS 683.01) will rename five state legal holidays.  It will replace holidays that currently celebrate colonizers and supporters of Confederate slavery.

The bill will rectify historical inaccuracies.  The bill will refocus the holidays on populations and persons affected who represent democratic unity.  The bill will redress omissions of Black, Brown, Indigenous and Disadvantaged immigrants in Florida history from pre-Colombian through early Florida history, to the American Civil War and beyond.

The five official legal state holidays in FS 683.01 to be renamed and refocused include:

  1. Birthday of Robert E. Lee with John Lewis Voting Rights Day, January 19.
  2. Pascua Florida Day with Pascua Florida and
    Indigenous Peoples’ of Florida Day, April 2.
  3. Confederate Memorial Day with Slave Ancestors Day, April 26.
  4. Birthday of Jefferson Davis with Juneteenth Month Jubilee, June 3.
  5. Columbus Day and Farmers’ Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day
    and Small Farms’ Day, second Monday in October

The removal of names and monuments commemorating supporters of Confederate slavery and exploitative colonizers is occurring throughout our state and America.

Unifying and factual commemorations in our legal Florida holidays is of great importance to the citizens, students, businesses and visitors to our state.

The Repair Legal Holidays Bill will repair years of historical omission.  No dates will change.  No fiscal impact is expected.


Green Party of Florida

Robin Harris, Co-Chair, Green Party of Florida.
Samson LeBeau Kpadenou, Co-Chair, Green Party of Florida

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