Local Affiliation Checklist

Rules for Recognition of a GPFL Affiliate

Establish Regular Meetings

Good meeting places are community libraries or community recreation centers where nonprofit groups can meet for free.

Meet Membership Requirement

The Local shall consist of at least five (5) eligible active members who signed and dated GPFL membership enrollment forms from their active members.  It’s important to include copies in the application as they are required.

Active Member Form
Active Member Form 2up (for printing 2 forms per page)

Please also include a digital list of the names and voter i.d.’s for verification of voter status. Here is a Members List template.

Create Bylaws

Write up a set of bylaws that define your organization’s name, mission, membership, authority, accountability, meeting frequency and affiliations.

Outline your organizational structure – what offices will be included in your structure? (Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, etc…)

Describe their duties and responsibilities.  How will decisions be made for the group?

Be sure to include the Ten Key Values and the process for amending the bylaws.  It should be understood that this document will be a work in progress which reflects the values of your group.  See both sample bylaws below as examples.

Sample Bylaws1 (PBGP)
Sample Bylaws2 (PGP)
A Consensus Handbook
On Conflict and Consensus

Select Leaders

Appoint or elect the leadership positions. Provide a document of positions and persons
assuming those positions. Positions may include, but are not limited to: chair/co-chairs,
treasurer, secretary, etc.

Establish a bank account

Under the circumstances, consider a local Credit Union for financial services for the affiliate.

Composed written petition for Local Affiliate Recognition (no County Green Party)

This will be the cover of the packet to petition directly to the State Coordinating Council for recognition. See the sample petition below for an example.

Sample Petition

Petition for Green Party Local Affiliation (no County Green Party)

Make SURE you have read through the relevant State bylaws “snippet” below on what we need.  Make sure the bylaws for the local are in order and the written petition is ready.  Collect everything you need and make sure it is all correct before you we submit your petition packet to the State Coordinating Council for recognition. Send it in as a packet of docs.

ARTICLE IV: Green Party of Florida Member Organizations

A. GPFL Affiliates

1. Creation of Green Party Affiliates

In order to promote and facilitate collaboration and communication throughout the GPFL, and to grow the GPFL more generally, the GPFL encourages the establishment of a single Green Party Affiliate in each county in Florida, although multiple Affiliates are allowed in a single county.

2. Petitioning for Recognition

An organized Green Party group must petition the GPFL CC for recognition as an Affiliate. Each petitioning group must meet the following requirements:

(a) The petitioning group shall consist of at least five (5) Active Members who are specifically enrolled as Active Members in the County.

(b) The petitioning group shall be organized by having approved and constituted bylaws which conform to the Ten Key Values; and

(c) The petitioning group shall have regular membership meetings.

(d) The petitioning group shall be open and receptive, both in its bylaws and in reality, to the full inclusion of all Greens within the group’s respective county. The rules for membership in the Affiliate shall be no more restrictive than for membership in the GPFL overall.

(e) The petitioning group should be able to demonstrate that it is fairly representative of Green Party members in the respective county.

(f) The petitioning group shall clearly state their commitment to abide by and respect all local, state and federal laws and regulations regarding political parties, organizations and elections.

(g) The decision to petition for recognition as a Green Party Affiliate shall be made at a duly publicized meeting and, if approved, that Affiliate shall have the status of “Active.”