About the Green Party of Florida

The Green Party of Florida (GPFL) is the Florida branch of the Green Party of the United States.  We are a ballot status party in this state, and that means we run candidates, most famously Ralph Nader, who received 2,882,955 votes (2.74% of the total) in the year 2000, as well as Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka on the presidential ticket in 2016.

We have affiliates in  Brevard, Central FL (Orlando and adjacent areas), DuvalHernando, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Pinellas, St. Lucie, and Volusia counties.

The GPFL asserts that an independent progressive party is an absolute necessity for the people of the United States.  The Republican Party has become the party of outright reaction, and the Democrats are not far behind in pursuing war and austerity.  The American people are disillusioned with these two parties and are ready to take on the two-party system, if only a viable alternative were to present itself.  We believe the American people are ready to hear new voices and new candidates with new solutions.

We have long held to the party’s 10 Key Values:

  • Social Justice
  • Ecological Wisdom
  • Grassroots Democracy
  • Nonviolence
  • Decentralization
  • Community-Based Economics
  • Gender Equity
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Personal & Global Responsibility
  • Future Focus/Sustainability

In addition to our long-standing commitment to protecting the environment and our perishable resources, including opposition to nuclear power and fracking which ravage our land, the GPFL also embraces the call of our 2012 & 2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein’s Green New Deal, which calls for:

  • Quality health care
  • Tuition-free, quality public education
  • Decent affordable housing
  • A living wage,
  • A safe workplace,
  • Fair trade,
  • The right to organize a union
  • Accessible and affordable utilities
  • Fair taxation in proportion to ability to pay

The Green Party considers these to be fundamental human rights which cannot be compromised, and we vehemently oppose any moves that would disenfranchise the poor, people of color, former convicts, or anyone else from their right to vote.

Join us in the struggle for peace, justice, the environment, democracy and security.  Today.