Bylaws revision 06/15/13

Resolution (approved June 15, 2013)

Be it resolved, that the Green Party of Florida Coordinating Council approves these provisional rules for voting and decision making by the CC.  These provisional rules shall substitute for any specific bylaws articles that conflict with these rules.  These rules may be amended at any time by a 2/3 vote of the CC, and they will apply until new rules or bylaws are approved.

Vote apportionment for the Coordinating Council

  1. Each accredited GPFL affiliate shall be apportioned five (5) votes on the GPFL CC and shall elect delegates to represent the local in voting on the CC.  Respect for gender balance and diversity is strongly encouraged.
  2. Each accredited GPFL affiliate with ten (10) or more active enrolled members shall be apportioned six (6) votes on the GPFL CC.
  3. Each accredited GPFL affiliate with fifteen (15) or more active enrolled members shall be apportioned seven (7) votes on the GPFL CC.
  4. Each accredited GPFL affiliate with twenty (20 or more active enrolled members shall be apportioned eight (8) votes on the GPFL CC, which is the maximum number of votes apportioned to any GPFL affiliate.
  5. Active enrolled members residing in areas without a GPFL affiliate may be nominated and approved as at-large voting members or non-voting observers on the GPFL CC, according to the procedure adopted by the CC.  The number of at-large voting members shall not exceed 10 percent of the total number of votes cast by accredited GPFL affiliates.  The terms of all at-large voting members on the CC shall expire at the Annual Membership Meeting.  New nominations or re-nominations will be approved at the same time elections are held for state party officers and delegates..
  6. Documentation of “active enrolled members” for the purpose of apportioning the votes by accredited GPFL affiliates shall be accomplished by means of collecting a signed and dated form from each member that verifies Green Party membership in a manner consistent with GPFL bylaws, and that affirms affiliation with the local affiliate.

Credentialing of members and local affiliates

  1. All accredited GPFL affiliates shall maintain a minimum of five (5) active, enrolled members to qualify as as active affiliate with full voting rights on the GPFL-CC.
  2. All accredited GPFL affiliates shall collect signed and dated GPFL membership enrollment forms from their active members and submit copies to the GPFL Secretary.  The number of active enrolled members shall determine the number of votes apportioned to each affiliate.
  3. The GPFL and its local affiliates shall  provide the membership forms to individuals expressing interest in joining the Green Party but who cannot register to vote due to being underage, a foreign national, or having lost their voting rights.
  4. The GPFL Secretary or her/his designee shall maintain a current statewide database of all active enrolled members, based on the membership forms submitted by local GPFL affiliates and by individual GPFL members.  This active membership database will be accessible to elected members of the GPFL Council and GPFL Board.  All Green Party members who contact the GPFL and express an interest in becoming active with the party will be encouraged to complete an active membership enrollment form.

Upon approval of this Resolution, all currently accredited GPFL affiliates will immediately be apportioned 5 votes.  The total votes of the seven active locals will be 35, and three at-large voting members may be nominated may be approved at this time.

60 days from the date of adoption of this Resolution the apportionment of votes will be updated to reflect the number of active enrolled members on record for each local GPFL affiliate.  Locals with 10 or more members will have 6 votes.  Locals with 15 or more members will have 7 votes.  Locals with 20 or more members will have 8 votes.

Addendum: The agreed-upon definition for Active Member, in terms of the Active Membership Forms, is to have such form filled out correctly.