Officers & Delegates 2014-2015

GPFL Election Results – June 8, 2014

State Officers

Female co-chair:
• Cathy Gilbert (Miami-Dade)
email: catgil3 at

Male co-chair:
• Josh Pritchett (Hernando)
email: josh9020 at

• DJ Chandler (Alachua)
email: chandler_dj at

• Harry Patterson (Alachua)
email: mrnatrl at


The Green Party of Florida has two Spokespersons who act as contact persons for the media and are authorized to speak for the Party. We may also have individuals who are authorized to speak on a case by case basis relative to a particular event or issue.

• Kat Duer (Orange)
• Didier Ortiz (Broward)

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees members consist of the four officers and up to 9 additional members who are elected annually.  They are responsible for making sure the party continues to grow and prosper, and fulfills all legal requirements. They help provide leadership and assistance with strategic planning.

• Rich Hillwig (Orange)
• Henry Lawrence (Bay)
• Steve Showen (Miami-Dade), phone: 305-712-2738, email: steve.mdgp at

Web Editorial Board

• DJ Chandler
• Cathy Gilbert
• Josh Pritchett
• John Iacovelli
• Chris E.

Delegates to the Green Party of the United States

GPF is currently accredited for 3 delegates to the National Green Party of the United States Coordinating Committee. This number can expand up to 6 as GPF grows. Delegates are elected annually. Alternates are also elected in order to determine which persons would serve as alternates as needed and when available.

Delegates to GP National

• Shawna Doran (Alachua), phone: 386-418-8018, email: alachuagreens at
• Rich Hillwig (Orange)
• Henry Lawrence (Bay), phone 850-258-1276, email:

Alternate delegates

• Vacant
• Michael Canney (Alachua), phone: 386-418-3791, email:
• Vacant

Observers to GPUS delegates elist

• Silvie Surie (Broward)
• Josh Pritchett (Hernando), 352-584-3748, email:
• Cathy Gilbert (Miami-Dade)
• Didier Ortiz (Broward)
• Kat Duer (Orange)

GPUS Committee Delegates

GPUS Eco Action

• Michael Canney
• Bill Pollard (Highlands)

GPUS Fundraising Committee

• Jennifer Sullivan (Hernando)
• Rich Hillwig
• Vacant (OBSERVER)
• Didier Ortiz (OBSERVER)

GPUS International

• Nelson Betancourt (Orange)
• Muhammed Malik (Miami-Dade)
• Garrett Quinlivin (Alachua)

GPUS Media

• Josh Pritchett (OBSERVER)

GPUS Merchandising Committee

• Dan Griffith (Orange)
• Jennifer Sullivan
• Silvie Suri (Broward)
• Didier Ortiz (OBSERVER)

GPUS Outreach

• Anita Stewart (Hernando)

GPUS Platform

• Michael Canney

GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee

• Victor Agosto (Broward)
• Vacant (Sarasota)
• Didier Ortiz (Broward)

GPUS Youth Caucus

• Josh Pritchett

GPUS Women’s Caucus

• Shawna Doran (Alachua)
• Jennifer Sullivan (Hernando)
• Anita Stewart (Hernando)


Green Party of Florida Mailing Address

Green Party of Florida
2301 NE 6th Ave
Miami, FL 33137

State Coordinating Council

The principal governing and decision-making body of the Green Party of Florida is the State CC.  Among its responsibilities are to provide vision, leadership and direction to the Party in the spirit and in the light of the Ten Key Values and to coordinate state-wide Green Party actions (political, issues or electoral) between the several County Green Parties and Locals.  Members are:
Victor Agosto (Broward delegate)
Nelson Betancourt (Orange County delegate)
Friedemann B. (Tampa delegate)
Shawna Doran (Alachua County delegate)
Chris E.  (Tampa delegate)
Cathy Gilbert (Miami-Dade delegate)
Henry Lawrence (Bay County delegate)
Josh Pritchett (Hernando County delegate)
Steve Showen (Miami-Dade delegate)
Jennifer Sullivan (Hernando County delegate)