Ballot recommendations


Jill Stein – Ajamu Baraka

US Senate:

Steven Machat

US House District 11:

David Koller

US House District 13:

Charlie Crist

US House District 20: 

No recommendations

US House District 23: 

No recommendations

US House District 25: 

Alina Valdez, M.D. 

 Amendment #1:

NO (Sponsored by 4 energy companies that gives dirty energy a cut instead of free independent solar – corporate solar trick amendment)

 Amendment #2:


Amendment #3:


Amendment #5:


 State Senate District 18:

Joe Redner

State Senate District 34:     

No recommendations

State Senate District 39:

Dwight Bullard

State Representative District 35:

Ramon Gutierrez

State Representative District 93:

Ken Keechl  

State Representative District 103:

No recommendations

State Representative District 104:

No recommendations

State Representative District 105:

 No recommendations

Supreme Court Justice retention:

Charles T. Canady NO 

Jorge Labarga NO 

Ricky L. Polston NO 


Broward County: 

Clerk of Circuit Court- 

Write in Shandrell Roscoe


Write in Willie Jones

Supervisor of elections- 

No recommendations

Fourth District Court of Appeals-

No recommendations for Cory J. Ciklin, Dorian K. Damoorgian, Jonathan D. Gerber,

Robert M. Gross, Spencer D. Levine, Melanie G. May

Circuit Judge 17th Judicial Circuit

No recommendations

County Court Judge Group 3

No recommendations

County Commissioner Districts 3 & 5

No recommendations

County Commissioner District 9

Dale Holness

Broward Soil & Water Conservation District 3

Jelani Anthony Harvey

Broward Soil & Water Conservation District 5

Fred Segal

South Broward Drainage District

None of the above

NO on

Broward Charter Review commission member terms and future appointments.

Amending charter to eliminate the management and efficiency study committee.

NO on

  1. Funding for countywide transportation system through levy of ½ penny sales surtax.
  2. Funding for local government infrastructure projects through levy of ½ penny sales surtax.

 Hernando County:

 Supervisor of Elections:

Debra Myers

 Property Appraiser:

Jeff Huffman

 Commissioner District 1:

Jimmy Lodato

 Commissioner District 3:

Diane Rowden

 Commissioner District 5:

Paul Douglas

Miami-Dade County: 

County Questions:

2. Citizens Bill of Rights Including
Right to Copy County Records  

City of Miami Charter Amendments:

3. (Provide Further Independence of
the Civilian Investigation
Panel) YES 

4. (City Charter – Allow Residents to
Enforce Charter) YES 


Raquel Regalado

10 thoughts on “Ballot recommendations”

  1. Who should I vote for in district 10 for the U.S. house of representatives in Florida? Should I just write in Deez Nuts?

    1. Elizabeth – vote for Val Demmings and hope for the best. This way you can confront her when she wins as you were a supporter that she owes allegiance to – if ever there are issues that need fixing in your area. We, Greens, are REALLY wanting to have some candidates in Congressional races. We are doing it without corporate funding, but it costs us financially unless we can get signatures. So if you ever want to run as a Green or know someone who you’d recommend — let’s do it! Jennifer Sullivan – your state co-chair through May 2017.

  2. Thanks for providing these recommendations. Do you have any recommendations about the Judicial Retention Elections? What about the Collier County Mosquito Control and the Collier Soil and Water Conservation commissions? How about school board elections? Thank you on the advice about amendment 1. The Democrats also oppose it, I wasn’t sure why, but the info on this site helped me understand.

  3. District 12 no recommendation given…BilrakisR-TagerD?
    District 16 LatvalaR no opponent
    District 24 BrandesR no opponent
    District 65 SprowlsR Fendsterwald D
    District 67 LatvalaR Vogel D
    Dostrict 68 BensmihenR DiamondD
    DIstrict 69 PetersR Webb D
    District 70 Fournier R Newton D


  4. Hi — I sent Jennifer a photo and bio — could I please be considered in Hillsborough County for District 2 Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor. Thanks!! Kim O’Connor

  5. I wish we Greens would take out the platform plank that says the government should provide jobs for everyone. They tried that in the Soviet Union, you know, and it didn’t work very well. Seriously, such a gigantic undertaking would, of course, revamp the whole economic system. Why do we keep such a ridiculous/controversial plank when we should be harping on environmental cleanliness — going to total solar electricity. Also to abolishing nuclear weapons from the earth.

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