Elijah Manley for Broward County School Board, at-large District 8

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Elijah Manley is running for one of the Broward County School Board’s at-large seats, District 8.

He is a community organizer, activist, and a writer.  Elijah is currently studying political science at Broward College and will pursue a career in constitutional law. When not engaged in politics, he spends his time writing, helping people, organizing action, and traveling.  He has served with a wide array of organizations, including:

♦  Vice President/Board of Directors at the National Youth Rights Association.
♦ Publisher/CEO at Holt Press, a digital news service.
♦  Organizer at the Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward.
♦  Member of the Miami Climate Alliance.
♦  Member of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH).
♦  Contributor to The Westside Gazette

He has a powerful Educational platform that states:

“Our school district has a multi-billion dollar budget.  There is no reason why any child should be sleeping out on the streets, or going to school hungry. … As someone who was a disadvantaged student with disabilities, I believe that more funding should be allocated towards protecting students with disabilities …

“I believe that we should not allow any student to be arrested from our campuses for non-violent offenses.  We must reform our discipline matrix to ensure that recidivism rates go down. … I will fight to fully end the use of corporal punishment in Broward County Public Schools.

“We have a very top-heavy district. It is beyond time that we return power to the classroom level . Micro-management of teachers is not the way to address our district’s issues.  I believe that common core has kept our county behind in education, and so has standardized testing.  We must opt out now.  …

“Our district has forgotten about non-instructional/clerical staff.  The district should be ashamed of how they’re treating and paying them.  I propose a 42% salary increase for ALL clerical staff.  We need an end to the authoritarian form of schooling, and the begining of a democratized system that value student voice and rights.

“Public Money for Public Schools ONLY.  Public revenue should be going to public schools before charter and private schools.

Please donate to the Elijah Manley for Broward campaign!

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Election 2018 – Florida Greens running for office

There are over 200 Green Party candidates running nationwide and here in Florida we have at least 5:

Elijah Manley for Broward County School Board(manleyforbroward.com);
Robin Denise Harris for County Commission in Orlando(Harris4Six.org);
• Kim O’Connor for County Commission in Hillsborough County;
Samson LeBeau Kpadenou for State Legislature in West Palm Beach(Samson2018.com);
Francisco Pierre-Louis for Hillsborough Soil & Water Board, District 3.

Please if you have family and friends living in these areas be sure to encourage them to Vote Green.

Also Bruce Stanley is running for Governor as an NPA candidate, and he is also a Green.

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5.) State-Wide Constitutional Amendments by the GPFL (Rank Choice Voting, Electoral College Reform, $15 minimum wage, Civilian Police Oversight Boards at the State/County/City levels) 

6.) County Charter Amendments on above issues to address at a Local Level if we are unable to address at a State Level. 

7.) Peer 2 Peer Conflict Resolution App 

8.) Op-Ed/Newspaper Writers (Letters to Editors/Paid Opinion piece placements) 

9.) Community Outreach (Community Events/Tabling/Materials & Resources) 

10.) Community/Organizational Coalition Building (Faculty Forward, Black Lives Matter, Equality Florida, Unions, NAACP, ACLU, Planned Parenthood) 

11.) Issue Advocacy to promote Systemic Change (Medicare4All, Banking Reform, Modern Monetary Theory, Israeli & Fusil Fuel Divestments) 

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