Robin Harris, Orange County Commission, District 6

Robin Harris is running for Orange County Commission, District 6, and resides in Pine Hills, an unincorporated subdivision of Orange County, home of the Disney empire.  She is a long-time social justice activist, writer, poet, public speaker and minister.  A Texas native, Robin currently lives in Florida where she fights alongside other activists in Orlando, Florida.  She has spoken at press conferences and rallies surrounding issues that affect marginalized communities.  Robin also organizes and assists in many community events, including engaging in civil disobedience for an important cause.  Approximately one month after the horrific shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Robin, along with 9 others, were arrested at Marco Rubio’s office.  In Tampa, Robin and 23 other activists were arrested during a protest for economic and wage rights! Last year, Robin was arrested in Washington D.C. with and 23 others in front of the White House as a means of protest against Trump’s administration’s healthcare policy.

Robin was recently elected Female Co-Chair of the Green Party of Florida.  She is also Co-Chair of the Central Florida Green Party, a state council member, and a delegate to the national party.  Robin is Co-Chair of the Green Party US Black Caucus and is an observer on the GP International Committee and the Diversity Committee.

Robin has several activist duties within Central Florida and abroad.  She wishes to fulfill her humanitarian endeavors in Accra, Ghana by implementing a clean water initiative when she can return with a global-minded activist team.  After visiting the Motherland three times, Robin has observed the interplay of many social inequities that mirror the same injustices in the United States.

As Orlando Rising states:

“Harris, 51, of Orlando, said she hopes to be able to energize marginalized communities within District 6’s predominantly black population to get interested and involved in public activities. … Her activism signals a progressive politics approach to the race, as she has worked with progressive community organizers including Ida and Ana Eskamani and Chardo Richardson in various causes in Orlando. …

“She’s particularly concerned about the county becoming engaged in dealing with future effects of climate change.  She cited Hurricane Irma, and noted that many communities in her district were not just without power for a long time, but without food. Her district also includes the Orlo Vista community, which suffered some of the worst flooding in Central Florida. They all must be better prepared, she said.

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Pine Hills Demographics


Election 2018 – Florida Greens running for office

There are over 200 Green Party candidates running nationwide and here in Florida we have at least 5:

Elijah Manley for Broward County School Board(;
Robin Denise Harris for County Commission in Orlando(;
• Kim O’Connor for County Commission in Hillsborough County;
Samson LeBeau Kpadenou for State Legislature in West Palm Beach(;
Francisco Pierre-Louis for Hillsborough Soil & Water Board, District 3.

Please if you have family and friends living in these areas be sure to encourage them to Vote Green.

Also Bruce Stanley is running for Governor as an NPA candidate, and he is also a Green.

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5.) State-Wide Constitutional Amendments by the GPFL (Rank Choice Voting, Electoral College Reform, $15 minimum wage, Civilian Police Oversight Boards at the State/County/City levels) 

6.) County Charter Amendments on above issues to address at a Local Level if we are unable to address at a State Level. 

7.) Peer 2 Peer Conflict Resolution App 

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9.) Community Outreach (Community Events/Tabling/Materials & Resources) 

10.) Community/Organizational Coalition Building (Faculty Forward, Black Lives Matter, Equality Florida, Unions, NAACP, ACLU, Planned Parenthood) 

11.) Issue Advocacy to promote Systemic Change (Medicare4All, Banking Reform, Modern Monetary Theory, Israeli & Fusil Fuel Divestments) 

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