“Nothing to see here, people — just move along!”

PARIS, FRANCE, December 8, 2018 — As the December 8 Washington Post calmly explains:

“The movement — whose name is taken from the trademark high-visibility yellow vests that protesters wear — has since come to represent a deeply rooted social anger that has more to do with the personality of Macron than it does with any particular policy.

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In 2016 the Democrats had their chance. Now it’s our turn!

The Two Horsemen of the Duopoly:  riding hard for the Apocalypse.

You may have thought 2016 was bad.  It wasn’t just that the country elected Donald Trump to the Oval Office, though that was pretty bad to be sure.  Rather, it was that American liberalism — always a treacherous force — took a sharp turn to the right, due to a confluence of two factors.

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What is required is a whole new system!

The Archangel Michael.

or the Sad State of the Unheeded Planner.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, October 16, 2018 — It is as though the Archangel St. Michael looms over the Florida Panhandle, gazing upon mile after mile of devastation, while the lead article by columnist John Romano in the Saturday Tampa Bay Times plaintively asks:

“Why is Florida risking future hurricane misery?”

He then goes forth to blame the people of Florida:

“When it comes to storms, we’ve got the best experience misery can buy.  We’ve been hit by major hurricanes in the Southeast (Andrew) and the Southwest (Charley).  We’ve had hurricanes slowly creep south to north (Irma) and east to west (Jeanne).  We’ve taken repeated hits (Opal, Dennis and Michael) in the panhandle every 10 years or so.

“So let me ask you this:  Why are we so slow to learn?  …  The problem is our leaders get lax.  We allow them to be forgetful.”

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In Defense of Passionate Intensity.

Or why we need to pay attention to what is happening with the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court.

We all know the lines from the Second Coming by WB Yeats:

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;”

Indeed the centre is falling apart.  I recall Rose and I watching from our 15th floor Jersey condo as the flames destroyed the Twin Towers on 911.  I was on the phone to my brother in Ohio, telling him that one tower had just gone down, while Rose was frantically trying to get my attention and pointing out the window.  I looked.  There were NO towers.  Only an unending plume of smoke that hovered for days.

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GPFL Donates $200 to Ahmad For 58 in Dec 19th 2017 Special Election

This month the Green Party of Florida donated $200 (10% of our available funds) into “Shaking up Tallahassee” with our endorsed candidate Ahmad Saadaldin in the December 19th special election for Florida House District 58. Many Greens from across Florida have also joined in supporting this campaign with their own money and volunteer efforts. If you haven’t joined the fight for People, Planet, and Peace over Profit in 2017 now is the time!

Learn More & Volunteer:




Interact & Connect:


200 Sustainers for 12 Goals by 2020

1.) Double Registered Greens in Florida to 16,000 

2.) Start 15 new Local Chapters (5 a year) 

3.) Field a Full Slate of Candidate’s (State-Wide, Congress, State Legislative, County Commissioner, School Board, Sheriff, Mayor, City Council, Soil & Water Districts) 

4.) Develop and Maintain State-Wide network of Phone/Text bankers, and canvassers for campaigns through the 10 More Votes App (or other identified platforms.) 

5.) State-Wide Constitutional Amendments by the GPFL (Rank Choice Voting, Electoral College Reform, $15 minimum wage, Civilian Police Oversight Boards at the State/County/City levels) 

6.) County Charter Amendments on above issues to address at a Local Level if we are unable to address at a State Level. 

7.) Peer 2 Peer Conflict Resolution App 

8.) Op-Ed/Newspaper Writers (Letters to Editors/Paid Opinion piece placements) 

9.) Community Outreach (Community Events/Tabling/Materials & Resources) 

10.) Community/Organizational Coalition Building (Faculty Forward, Black Lives Matter, Equality Florida, Unions, NAACP, ACLU, Planned Parenthood) 

11.) Issue Advocacy to promote Systemic Change (Medicare4All, Banking Reform, Modern Monetary Theory, Israeli & Fusil Fuel Divestments) 

12.) Digital Infrastructure Capacity Development (GPFL Software, Nation Builder, Loomio, other proposed and approved upgrades to our Website or Digital Office Space.) 

In order for the Green Party of Florida to turn these 12 Goals into 12 Realities by 2020 we need 200 Sustainer Donors of $10 a month or more so that the Green Party of Florida has the resources necessary to achieve these goals. You can take a stand towards putting People, Planet, and Peace over Profit in Florida every month at www.gpfl.org/Donate To sign up for a re-occurring monthly donation scroll down to the bottom of the page and there is our PayPal donation form. Select your donation amount and then check the box marked “I would like this donation to automatically repeat each month.” Then fill in the rest of your information which the GPFL must collect for Campaign Finance Reporting purposes and click submit! 

Robin Harris joins Press Confrence with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Green Party of Florida Delegate Speaks at Congressional Press Conference

Sean Declet – 10-28-2017

Earlier this week Central Florida Green Party Co-Chair and Green Party of Florida Delegate to the United States #GreenParty Robin Denise Harris got to speak at a Press Conference hosted by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard about the Off Fossil Fuel Act yet another call for a #GreenNewDeal. Robin also talks of her personnel experiences living through both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Robin takes the stage just after the 22 minute mark in this video.

Green Party Hosts Campaign Training School in Central Florida!

Green Party of the United States prepared candidates and their teams for
successful campaigns in Orlando, Florida this past weekend!

Approximately 25 participants traveled from various parts of Florida to participate.

Orlando, Florida– (October 14 -15, 2017) GPUS and GPCFL, is excited to inform everyone of
the accomplishment of the Campaign Training School. The presenters for the weekend were Erin
Fox (MI), Hillary Aisenstein Kane (PA), and Karen Morian (FL). Each Presenter facilitated
and interactively engaged participants. Also, the class was broken up into workshop style
modalities and encouraged questions and dialogue.

The GPUS team presented topics such as: Why Run for Office 101?  Goal Setting for your
Campaign, Voter Targeting & Voter ID, Building a campaign Infrastructure, and many more
essential topics. Also, each Facilitator conveyed through their instruction the importance of
Movement/Party Building.

The next Campaign Training School will be sometimes next year. However, the goal of the next
class will be to have those who attended this past training to teach and train as well in their local
areas and state.

The GPFL is working on editing video content recorded at our workshop and will make that content available through our website in the near future. The GPFL also Live-Streamed some session on our Facebook page which you can watch here.

Robin Harris
GPCFL CO-Chair/FL Delegate

Ahmad Saadaldin Endorsement

Green Party of Florida Endorses Ahmad Saadaldin in the Florida House of Representatives District 58 Special Election

The Green Party of Florida proudly endorses the campaign of Ahmad Saadaldin for Florida House of Representatives in the District 58 Special Election. .

His campaign calls for repairing the broken political system with independent action to reimagine Florida as a State that supports quality education, supports worker’s rights through the Fight for 15, and addresses the need for action on climate change to protect Florida and her citizens.



Unions & Green opposition to bank bailouts

This is a retro letter to the editor at the then St. Petersburg Times from 2009 in defense of unions and in Green Opposition to the bank bailouts:

Jennifer Speaking 2

Letter to the Editor 2009 of the St. Pete Times,

by Jennifer Sullivan

Union bashing is quite a sad response to this financial crises we are in. Unions brought us weekends, holiday pay, 40 hour work weeks, sick pay, DECENT pay and other benefits. USUALLY someone who union bashes is misinformed by corporate TV or listens to Rush Limbaugh (who makes WAY over a union wage). Unions serve a great purpose and people fought hard for them to exist and now find themselves still having to fight. Quite frankly, if I HAD to be in a hospital at all. I’d prefer to be in a hospital that had a nurses union because then I’d feel that the nurse caring for me was getting decent treatment and not overly tired from long shifts and ticked off because of some pay issues. Wouldn’t you agree?
The multi-national corporations REALLY hate unions. That is why they outsource those “great jobs” that they, supposedly, offer to get their tax breaks from our various levels of government (local on up to national). That is why they choose to make things in sweat shops instead of nice mills right here. It’s worth the long distance shipping to them since they are US taxpayer subsidized!
The union workers in the auto foundries make what? $45.00 an hour? That’s less than $100K a year. Banking executives often make $250K a year or more. $250K works out to $120.00 an hour. I just read a Reuters article that, due to the fact bonuses will be difficult to get this year the Wall Street worker who was making $250K will see his pay go up to $600K (that’s $300.00 an hour). I don’t question that banking is work. I question that guys like Glenn what’s his name and Rush Limbaugh harp on auto workers as if THEY are not putting in an honest days work.
I DID work in factories and foundries and it WAS hard work. It was dirty, depressing, hot (or cold), smelly, monotonous and sometimes dangerous. I once was shown a “snag grinding” job by a family friend who would have been my new boss at this magnet factory. I never even showed up the next day for THAT job. I might have lost a finger doing it!
Nevertheless, when I was a kid, I DID go to factories for an easy and quick hire that paid well. Lot’s of times I was smart enough to get moved up to the better jobs. I’d get paid more and it was usually easier. I’d make some money then quit and travel. There were factories ALL OVER the place so I could pick and choose. Hardly ANY exist now in the USA. I’ve been blessed to be able to get decent jobs in my life. Not every one is so lucky. I am thankful for the experience because it opened my eyes to many things.
Before the elections, then president Bush and Hank Paulsen called for the Wall Street bail outs. John McCain refused to debate Barack Obama at that time and said they should both be in Washington to do what they could about this crisis. So they both went. Congress bailed out Wall Street first.

We, Greens, were the first to protest that and ALL of the bail outs.

However, I would not fault the workers or the unions because the executives made bad decisions. PLEASE see the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car”, if you haven’t yet, and see why I have no pity for GM. Also note that Ford is coming out of this fairly ok with better management. But GM’s problem was not so much their poor emphasis on products, it was their BANKING division GMAC that got them in the worst trouble. The mortgage and Wall Street problems can’t be totally blamed on the little guy in a loan over his head that had an adjustable rate that he did not understand and one that the loan officer did not explain better. The problems came from derivatives and from other crazy financial “products” that were not backed up by hard currency.

If you want to see what I think about most issues go to www.gp.org and order one of our platforms. They are an easy read and very astute. These policies are much more fair and practical than most policies coming out of DC.
Jennifer Sullivan
9450 Lorendale Cr.
Spring Hill, Fl.
(352) 683-3151