Defend the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective

— Robin Harris and LeBeau Kpadenou
Green Party of Florida co-Chairs

The Green Party of Florida supports the Embassy Protection Collective, Code Pink and prominent Greens such as Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers as they protect the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC from a violent mob of opposition operatives.  We demand that the Secret Service and local police do their jobs and protect the safety of the Embassy and the American citizens within.

Below is a statement from Margaret Flowers, an Embassy Protector and a Green Party delegate from Maryland.

“We are currently living and working in the Venezuelan Embassy where our Embassy Protection Collective has been since April 11.  We are surrounded by US-trained regime change right-wing extremists who have maintained a physical presence surrounding the building 24/7.  They use loud music, sirens, banging pots and pans, harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against us and our supporters.  When they assault and injure our folks, the police let them go and arrest our folks instead.  They are blocking our people from entering the building and deliveries of food and supplies.

“The Secret Service has issued a public statement denying this, but the reality is they stand by while our folks are assaulted and damage is done to the building.  The Secret Service also refuses to guarantee our safety.  They tell us to talk to Venezuela or they just hang up on us.  We are low on food and need clean clothes and other personal items.  This is all being done because the US coup failed in Venezuela.  We are here with the full permission and support off the elected government of Venezuela, which is recognized by the UN and over 140 countries.

“The SS can’t evict us because they have no legal basis to do that.  They are trying to starve and harass us out because that is the only way they can install their puppet.  We are determined to stay here until Venezuela can find a protectorate for the Embassy.  We are receiving many messages of support from social movements in Venezuela.  We feel a responsibility to prevent our government from conducting a coup, violating the Vienna Convention and setting a dangerous precedent that threatens every country and their embassies.

“If the US can ignore an election, install their own leader and turn over assets to that leader in Venezuela, then which country will be next?  If the US can violate the Vienna Convention, what embassy, including US embassies abroad, will be safe?  That is why we are here and we won’t leave, no matter what these extremists do until there is a peaceful transition of the US and Venezuelan embassies in each other’s country.  I am wondering where that Trump #Resistance is that mobilized thousands against hate but are absent when this is happening right here in Georgetown.  Where are our members of Congress like John Sarbanes?

“We are literally under siege in DC.  Call them and tell them to take action now.  Stop the coup.  End the economic war against #Venezuela.  Respect the Vienna Convention.  Protect the constituents who are protecting the Embassy.”

To support the Embassy Defense Collective, please click here.

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