Dust, the Wind Blows it Everywhere!

Under destruction.

We are very pleased to feature a guest post by Michael Clarkson, a “70 years young” Afrikan International Freedom Fighter.  He works with KonsciousKontractors which focus its primary work inside Ti Ayiti ( Lil Haiti ).  That French-Creole-speaking neighborhood, settled by Haitian exiles, has long been a lively cultural center for Haitian and Caribbean culture.  Clarkson references Wilfrid Deleus, a renowned Haitian painter who died last year while unable to pay his rent.  Little Haiti now faces the eradication of its rich and distinct culture, as it has become one of the prime targets of the Miami Gentrification machine, along with other poor Black communities such as Overtown, Coconut Grove and Liberty City.  They call it “Climate Gentrification,” as wealthy Miami residents flee rising sea levels, and drive out poorer residents, while turning the city into an ever-expanding playground for the tourist industry.  Clarkson and others are fighting back, and he states that he is “still standing as an example of resistance to continued oppression & exploitation by capitalist/imperialism worldwide!”

The domesticated colonies of Black, Brown, Poor & Working Poor inside North amerikkka, have become the victims of the War of Gentrification.

Historically, the Colonizers/Invaders came with cannonballs, muskets & gun power.  They brought death, rape and pillage under the guise of civilizing the heathens.

Today the sons & daughters, descendants of that same white power philosophy & ideology, come with weapons of a different sort — ink pens, graphics & architectural blueprints.  They have the same deadly outcome.  These colonies are the dust and the Colonizers are the wind that scatters that dust!

We charge genocide!

Kulture Gentrification/Genocide is the deliberate tactic launched by the supporters & proponents of Gentrification, using an elimination formula that replaces the kreole kulture, kustoms, kommunity of Ayisyen of Ti Ayiti (Little Haiti).  Kulture Gentrification/Genocide in Ti Ayiti is clearly an action to destroy the Kreole Kulture just as the Mache Ayisyen (Haitian Market) is being transformed into the Caribbean Marketplace!

The painting over of wall Murals, and the constant assault by Developers pressuring residents to sell! are Menticidal tactics designed to cause mental anguish and stress — psychological conditioning that effects the psyche.  This state of mental conditioning produces hopelessness among the residents, as one by one they will sell!

The following commercial advertising description shows their primary goal & objective — erasing Ti Ayiti.

“Within minutes from Little Haiti, one of the best secrets in Miami is kept, the Design District, generally considered one of the 5 most important landmarks in the U.S.  Also known as N.E. 40th Street, this 10-block area where beauty and aesthetics abound, has a concentration of showrooms, art galleries, furniture and fabrics that cater to the residential and commercial interior design and architectural industry.”  The Little Haiti NET “.  Neighborhood Empower Team

Why would the City of Miami allow such misrepresentation and lies and phony acclaims, without being in collusion with greedy developers with deep pockets?  To say that the Design District is considered 1 of 5 important landmarks in America is a lie & complete distraction from the truth.

Again the only reference to Ti Ayiti is directional, towards the frictional 1 in 5 most important landmarks in the U.S.A.

So City Elected Officials, along with greedy Developers, surgically strip away the future of Ti Ayiti.

The official RENAMING of the MACHE AYISYEN has ended with the crowning of the Caribbean Marketplace.  The doorway posters welcome you to the Caribbean Marketplace, and not the MACHE AYISYEN!

Mental Health effects of Gentrifiers!

Over 10 years ago, the mental health implications of the direct impacts of klimate khange & kulture Gentrification were being scientifically detected.  But some inside the ever growing environmental organizations have negated this impact upon the ones they say they serve.

The kontinuous bombardment by klimate khange deniers has caused many kommunities of the poor & working poor to be psychologically affected by kulture gentrification & klimate gentrification.  The social, economic and environmental determinants of mental health will  have severe konsequences for the disadvantaged kommunities and populations.  It’s having an effect upon those that live close to Mother Earth!

A discussion of a social justice platform without understanding the full extent of Mental Health is dangerous!

These effects have been identified in the death of the artist Wilfrid Daleus in Ti Ayiti Miami, Florida.  Many attribute his death and the demise of his art gallery to the pressure from developers.  The money driven march by the Politrickers & deep pocket modern day carpetbaggers upon the Kulture, kustom & kommunity of Ti Ayiti will escalate the rise of Mental Health symptoms & disorders.

Therefore, in our view the social and environmental challenges posed by kulture & klimate gentrification have the potential to create emotional distress and anxiety.

The psycho-social implications of kulture & klimate gentrification are an important starting point for informed action to prevent danger to individuals and communities, at all societal levels, throughout this city.

The klimate khange genocidal practices of Miami Dade County & Miami City have stained its hands in the blood, sweat & tears of its victims.


Kulture Gentrification is the engine behind the onward march of klimate Gentrification in Miami-Dade County.  It’s the physical changes in neighborhoods that bring in wealthier residents, greater investment, and more development, that has become the strategy & tactics in 305 urban planning.

The traditionally defined low-income neighborhoods (red-lined by banks) have become the playground for Politrickers & deep pocket moneybaggers.  Gentrifiers and Politrickers have squared off with social justice advocates who are increasingly concerned about the displacement and dislocation of low-income residents due to prohibitive prices.

Across this country, policymakers and urban planners have begun considering strategies to combat the byproducts of gentrification in recently-developed or developing neighborhoods, such as providing low-cost amenities and rent controlled or low-income housing.

In Miami-Dade County, there is a bright light shining in our view, called SMASH (Struggle for Miami’s Affordable and Sustainable Housing) a 501(c)(3) non-profit grassroots organization comprised of slum-affected Liberty City Residents and allies that aims to #SmashTheSlumlords, end gentrification and develop Miami for the people using a Community Land Trust.

This grassroots initiative in my view is on point with the demands of “Community Control” raised by the Black Panther Party for Self-defense in the late 60’s.  As other groups inside this City/County are caught in the mud of confrontational tactics with elected officials, SMASH is taking the high road in this struggle for life & happiness!

We encourage support & solidarity with SMASH, because the examples of their commitment should be used & expounded upon for the benefit of all seeking to save other communities in 305.

For more information about SMASH or to schedule an interview with members of participating organizations, please contact Adrian Madriz.
786-523-4734, adrian@smash.miami

Freedom is Free, you just need the guts to Fight.

All Power to the People!

Michael Clarkson
konsciouskontractors, Inc.
Director of Development & Production


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