Elijah Manley for Broward County School Board, at-large Dist. 8

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Elijah Manley is running for one of the Broward County School Board’s at-large seats, District 8.

He is a community organizer, activist, and a writer.  Elijah is currently studying political science at Broward College and will pursue a career in constitutional law. When not engaged in politics, he spends his time writing, helping people, organizing action, and traveling.  He has served with a wide array of organizations, including:

♦ Vice President/Board of Directors at the National Youth Rights Association.
♦  Publisher/CEO at Holt Press, a digital news service.
♦  Organizer at the Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward.
♦  Member, the Miami Climate Alliance.
♦  Member, the Association for the Study of African American Life & History (ASALH).
♦  Contributor to The Westside Gazette

He has a powerful Educational platform that states:

“Our school district has a multi-billion dollar budget.  There is no reason why any child should be sleeping out on the streets, or going to school hungry. … As someone who was a disadvantaged student with disabilities, I believe that more funding should be allocated towards protecting students with disabilities …

“I believe that we should not allow any student to be arrested from our campuses for non-violent offenses.  We must reform our discipline matrix to ensure that recidivism rates go down. … I will fight to fully end the use of corporal punishment in Broward County Public Schools.

“We have a very top-heavy district. It is beyond time that we return power to the classroom level . Micro-management of teachers is not the way to address our district’s issues.  I believe that common core has kept our county behind in education, and so has standardized testing.  We must opt out now.  …

“Our district has forgotten about non-instructional/clerical staff.  The district should be ashamed of how they’re treating and paying them.  I propose a 42% salary increase for ALL clerical staff.  We need an end to the authoritarian form of schooling, and the begining of a democratized system that value student voice and rights.

“Public Money for Public Schools ONLY.  Public revenue should be going to public schools before charter and private schools.

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