Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis would return state to Lynch Law Days.

Florida law through the centuries.

Between 1882 and 1930, African Americans were more likely to be lynched in Florida than in any other state.  With less than a month before 2021 cycles in, Ron DeSantis plans to keep this lynching legacy alive.  The Combatting Violence, Disorder and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act is the Governor’s imperialistic and racist package to stop public assemblies and protect law enforcement.

If you read the outline of this horrific bill, you will see that its historic manipulative flare cannot be ignored.


The “Law and Order” language inside this legislation appears to have borrowed words and sentiment from Richard Nixon.  More than 50 years ago, Nixon gained the White House with codified language similar to what DeSantis is using.  Nixon ran on a Platform that instilled fear and suspicion towards African-Americans and working-class citizens.  Such a “Law and Order” slogan was also adopted by George Wallace in 1968.  ( It was a dog whistle to keep  Blacks in line.)  DeSantis is attempting to resurrect historic colonialism by targeting certain communities.  For example:  (Prohibition on Violent or Disorderly Assemblies:  it is a 3rd degree felony when 7 or more persons are involved in an assembly and cause damage to property or injury to other persons.)  Nixon utilized this exact tactic:  First, he instilled fear in white voters across the political spectrum.  Therefore, he was able to solidify force by calling an end to protests, marches and boycotts.  Most of the protesting that he wanted silenced were responses to economic/racial issues and war.

Robin Harris, Co-Chair, Green Party of Florida.

Florida Governor and Trump clone DeSantis maintains this same Southern strategy with multi-layered lynching platforms.  It aims and fires directly toward the black community.  It must be noted that he showcased this lethal weapon after the murder of George Floyd.  Moreover, this was done in response to the George Floyd rebellions that took place first in Minnesota then spread Globally!  This legislation is a calculated strategy to silence the voice of the people.  It is also a dangerous instrument that will profile, vilify and further disenfranchise Black populations.  Not to mention, it will perpetuate mass incarceration and economic hardship.

In the face of racial terror and violence instigated by Cops across the nation, Ron DeSantis does not attempt to peel back any restrictive policies that have burdened the Black community in Florida.  Instead, he offers a noose.  Throughout this document it calls for protection of Law Enforcement and increased penalties for those who just may simply be standing around in a peaceful manner.  He tightens that noose by making individuals ineligible for state benefits if convicted for disorderly assembly or gathered in groups of 7 or more without a permit.  The ultimate squeeze around the neck is that he makes it okay for any driver to run over individuals that are obstructing traffic.  He clarifies that the driver would not be liable for that persons injuries or death:  (Prohibition on Obstructing Roadways:  3rd degree felony to obstruct traffic during a non permitted protest, demonstration or violent or disorderly assembly; driver is NOT liable for injury or death caused if fleeing for safety from a mob.)

Time and time again this year, the world has watched unarmed black people flee for their lives while being hunted and slaughtered like animals by Law enforcement.  Where are the policies to serve and protect citizens from being assassinated from a mob of killer cops?  This horrendous bill only empowers an institution already sanctioned to spill the blood of Black lives.

DeSantis will endeavor to strong arm Republicans to align with him even though they may actually oppose these guidelines.  In this lynching package, he threatens states and counties that may offer any type of push back: ( No “Defund the Police” Permitted:  Prohibits state grants or aid to any local government that slashes the budget for law enforcement services.)

It is his goal to center himself in restoring these policies from the 60’s.  It appears that he aims to be the next champion of “Law and Order.”

While Ron DeSantis stands at the tree waiting to lynch Blacks in Florida he is also responsible for Covid fatalities.  While the death toll rises astronomically, he executes no policies to safeguard Floridians.  Instead, he issues an executive order that bans cities and counties from enforcing mask mandates.  That order also bans local governments from limiting capacity in businesses or restaurants.

The Governor has repeatedly ignored the Voice of the People.  He instead has referenced the Playbook of Donald Trump, Richard Nixon, and George Wallace.  Close to 20,000 people have died from COVID in Florida.   The Governor’s only response has been to insult, deceive and cover-up as it relates to pertinent information concerning the pandemic and disease.

Governor Ron DeSantis may see himself as a strong leader.  However, the blood of Floridians that are and will be soaking the land say otherwise.  No leadership has been expressed from the pen of DeSantis.  With the death toll rising daily and a lynching bill waiting to pass, it appears as though Florida has a serial killer in the Governor’s mansion.

— Robin Harris
Co-Chair, Green Party of Florida

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