GPFL Active Membership Enrollment Form – online

    This form will be active from the start of the next Annual General Membership Meeting (AMM) until the AMM of the following year.

    PART 1 – Member information
    The Green Party does not share membership information with any other organization. The voter registration information kept by the state is publicly available and can be accessed by candidates and political parties.

    PART 2 – Membership affirmation (check all statements that apply)

    1. Mark choice A or B:
    A. I am a registered voter with the State of Florida as Green PartyB. I am at least 14 years of age but am prohibited by law from registering to vote with the Supervisor of Elections because I am a non-citizen, felon or under-aged individual.

    I am a registered voter of

    2. Required:
    I affirm general agreement with the Ten Key Green Values, and with the principles embodied in the state and national Green Party platforms.

    3. Mark choice A or B:
    A. I affirm my active membership in an affiliate of the GPFL, and I consent to be represented in the votes cast by my affiliate's elected delegates to the GPFL Coordinating Council.B. There is no local GPFL affiliate in my area. I affirm my active membership in the Green Party of Florida, sans affiliate.

    I am a member of the GPFL affiliate known as

    4. I would like to support the work of the Green Party of Florida and its affiliates by:

    I pledge as voluntary annual dues, $