GPFL Recommends.

Summary of Green Party Recommendations on the FL 2018 Amendments:
#1: NO
#2: NO
#3: YES
#4: YES
#(currently no position)
#6: NO
#(currently no position)
#9: YES
#10: NO
#11: (currently no position)
#12: (currently no position)
#13: YES

to the Constitution of the State of Florida …

Our tax dollars at work.

… which is the document that establishes and describes the powers, duties, structure and function of the government of the State of Florida, and establishes the basic law of the state.

The method of “compilation” differs from the U.S. Constitution.  The Florida Constitution is amended either by editing existing provisions, or by deleting language that is no longer in force.

Amendments are usually put on the ballot by:

  • a 3/5 vote of the Florida Legislature;
  • the state’s Constitution Revision Commission, which is established every 20 years for this purpose; or most commonly …
  • voter initiative, as a proposed amendment to appear on the ballot.

Every year, there are usually a variety of amendments to the Florida State Constitution.  While amendments to the U.S. Constitution are made infrequently, and pertain to broad matters of government and principles, in Florida, they are used by a right-wing legislature to “lock-in” regressive laws.  Amendments require 60% of the vote for passage, and therefore require a similar 60% to be revised or overturned.