Green Party Presidential Candidates on the path to 2020!

The US presidential election cycle is in full swing, and the Greens can proudly say they have set the agenda.  From abolishing student debt to the Green New Deal to ending the destructive War on Drugs, candidates of the duopoly parties are finally being forced to address the commonsense policies that have been brought to the public’s attention by Green Party presidential campaigns for more than 20 years.  That message is more vital to meeting the challenges of the 21st century than ever before.

The Green Party is now in its own “primary” season with a full field of candidates vying for the honor of representing the Green Party in the 2020 presidential race.

We publish below statements from five hopeful candidates who have stepped up to put forward their proud and independent vision for a Green America:

Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry
Howie Hawkins
Dario Hunter
Dennis Lambert
Ian Schlakman

Each of the five has sent us a statement to discuss why they think they deserve your support.  We ask you to read and evaluate each (printed in the order they were received), and then make YOUR own Green choice for a new America and a new world.

— LeBeau Kpadenou
Co-Chair, Green Party of Florida

Howie Hawkins

Greetings, Florida Greens!

I am seeking the Green Party nomination for president and ask for your support. I am a retired Teamster who has been active in movements for civil rights, peace, unions, and the environment since the 1960s. I was a co-founder of the Green Party in 1984 and the first candidate to campaign for a Green New Deal in 2010 when I ran for NY governor. I helped Jill Stein frame the Green New Deal for her presidential campaigns.

The ecosocialist Green New Deal, central to my campaign, includes:

  • Converting the US to 100% clean renewable energy with zero greenhouse gases by 2030.
  • An immediate nationwide ban on fracking and new fossil fuel infrastructure.
  • A massive mobilization for clean energy and sustainability, including agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, waste management, urban infrastructure, and habitat restoration.

We need an ecosocialist program for economic democracy to empower people to carry through the transformation, which will require public investments of about $2 trillion a year, creating over 20 million new jobs, including nearly 6 million manufacturing jobs. How? By:

  • cutting military spending by 75%
  • more progressive taxes on the rich
  • ecological taxes
  • monetary expansion

Justice for all requires race-conscious remedies for race-conscious injuries to people of color:

  • Enforcement of stronger anti-discrimination and voting rights laws
  • Federal intervention against police misconduct and white nationalist terrorism
  • Reparations for African Americans
  • Amnesty for immigrants and Open Borders as within the European Union
  • Ending the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration: Legalize marijuana, decriminalize the use of other drugs, and provide drug treatment on demand

We need immediate action on the other existential threat: nuclear war. Greens should demand a policy of No First Use and Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament to a Minimum Credible Deterrent, followed up by urgent negotiations for complete mutual nuclear disarmament.

I applaud the people of Florida for passing Amendment 4, giving felons the right to vote and condemn the Republican governor and legislature for trying to create new hurdles.

My campaign plans to be on the ballot in all 50 state ballots and Washington, DC and get federal matching funds in 2019.  I plan to use my campaign to grow the Green Party of Florida and Green parties around the nation into a force that can elect thousands of Greens all around the country.

I welcome you to read the rest of my platform at my website,

In solidarity,
Howie Hawkins

Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry

Green Positioning System 2020 (GPS 2020)

At this moment the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is strong with more than a quarter-million members.  I hope that by presenting you with an outline, the Green Positioning System (GPS), we can work on securing key points for the 2020 federal presidential election.

We Greens must focus our campaign on building and strengthening every state Green Party’s development.  We must enable every Green to boldly articulate our values for long-term party sustainability.  Our beloved Green Party should focus on the following four main areas to guide us towards our goals.

(1)       Ballot access.  Focus member recruitment and retention on our Ten Key Values and Four Pillars, expanding party reach.  In doing so, promote rank-choice voting and rely on a systematic party planning mechanism.  The Green Party will work to secure a 15 % polling level with Americans to secure inclusion of our Presidential nominee’s place at the nationally televised Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates, as well as to ensure equitable participation in national media and all other debate opportunities offered.  GPUS will aim to win 5% of the general election national presidential popular vote.

(2)       Policy framework.  Contrast “Conventional Economics” and “Ecological Economics,” developing a system of 15- and 30-year benchmarks to monitor and evaluate policies through an “Ecological Economics” lens.  This framework can help frame essentially all of our party platform.

(3)       Fundraising.  The Green Party will set up a fundraising mechanism to raise adequate funds to qualify for federal matching funds.  In addition, each state party will conduct their anniversary celebration fundraising tours and visits for all Presidential Candidates to conduct a minimum of one and preferably multiple campaign visits to all 50 states plus Washington, DC over the election cycle leading to the 2020 GP Nomination Convention.  This will allow GPUS to raise enough money for national television and other media advertising.

(4)       Planning.  Utilize a party planning and strategy mechanism to expand the party reach using Non-Profit Business Model Canvas.

(5)       Outreach.  Support:

  • GP Black Caucus Monthly Presidential Debate Series
  • Global Green Recognition

—        American @ 300 online survey, workshop and panel

  • Left Can Win in 2020 Monthly On-line Green System Change Roundtables
  • GP Media Inclusion Monthly Roundtable
  • GP Commitment to End White Privilege Globally by 2026:  GP be a major sponsor  of White Privilege Conference 2020

Dennis Lambert

Dennis Lambert was raised in the hills of West Virginia.  He grew up swimming in creeks, climbing hills, and learning about the world around him.  Dennis has always had a healthy respect for nature and dedicated some of his education in discovering and identifying various plants and animals in the wilderness during all seasons of the year.

When he became old enough, Dennis joined the Boy Scouts and learned more woodcraft skills, and more about the careful balance between nature and humans.  Dennis earned several merit badges surrounding nature including Environmental Science, Camping, Fish and Wildlife Management, and Nature.  Dennis was so concerned about the environment; he dedicated his Eagle Scout Project to an educational program on recycling.

In 2010, when Dennis was finally finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree, he worked with two other students to introduce a recycling program at Ohio University Southern Campus and reduced paper waste by over 20 tons in the first recorded year.  That same year, Dennis taught classes in wild food and medicine as well as directed and produced a short film about the use of these items on the Underground Railroad.

Since 2010, Dennis Lambert has run for office for the Green Party three times.  Each time he has gathered votes while engaging the public and spending VERY little money.  Dennis is interested in seeing others run for every office in every place that has open and fair elections.  Dennis is dedicated to making politics less a realm of the wealthy to one that is representative of every American.

If we can work together to see everyone represented, not just lawyers and millionaires, we will see a truly democratic America that responds to the needs of her people and not special interests and lobbyists with deep pockets.

Ian Schlakman

I’m Ian Schlakman and my campaign for president is all about growing the Green Party by focusing on winnable local elections.

First, a little info on me, I’m an active Green Party member in Baltimore, Maryland.  I’ve run for U.S.  House, Baltimore City Council, and Governor.  I broke new ground for the Green Party in Baltimore by working as the campaign manager for both Reverend Annie Chambers and Anthony Williams who, as Greens, represent the public housing community as HUD RAB Delegates.  I’m a fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies in the field of New Economy work.  I’m also a network engineer and cybersecurity consultant.  I’m an internationally recognized speaker on socialist economics and International Human Rights.  I’ve worked on local currency projects like the Baltimore BNote and helped co-found the Baltimore TimeBank.  As a socialst I’m a revolutionary anti-capitalist.  I want an economy centered around delivering Human Rights to all people.  This means I advocate for Universal Healthcare, Universal Basic Income, Universal Housing as a Human Right, and the right to things we need to survive and thrive in our modern world, such as electricity, food, and Internet.

Internationally our country must give up being an imperialist super power.  Unilateral military action is never a viable option.  Our country must demilitarize and only take military action if it’s approved by international coalition such as the UN.  We must actively participate in International Human Rights Law.  When Republicans like Trump or Democrats like Obama clearly commit human rights violations, like what see at the border, we submit to international law and insist that they’re tried at the ICJ in the Hague.

Most importantly our candidate for president is crucial in growing the party.  We must use any media attention that comes to the presidential candidate to promote local candidates throughout the country that can actually win their elections.  If the Green Party focuses all its coordinated energy on getting local candidates elected nationwide this election, then next election we’ll be looking at winning state elections.  Then in just four years we can run one or two candidates that are ready to win nationally and become our first Green in Congress!

If these issues and strategies seem important to you then I ask for your help by signing up to volunteer or donate today.  Head to to get involved and help us today!

Dario Hunter

Dario Hunter is a member of the Youngstown Board of Education, a former environmental attorney and educator, a rabbi, community activist and anti-fracker.  He has successfully fought governmental agencies to assert the public’s right to know, forcing them to settle and provide public records.

He is currently the Chair of the Mahoning County OH Green Party, a GPUS National Committee Delegate and a Delegate to the GPUS Peaceaction Comm.  representing the Lavender Caucus.

In his own words:

“I am a Black, gay, son of an immigrant, Jew who has engaged in social and racial justice activism in all of those communities.  The Hunter campaign seeks to engage activists personally familiar with the struggle for justice and to empower oppressed communities to assert their rights.  Our team reflects the value we place on diversity and in shaping a new generation of activism that transforms the cause of social, racial and environmental justice.”

His Platform

“The Green Party is the party of justice – justice for the Earth and all its people.”

— Dario Hunter

Together we will:


  • Ensure a universal basic income and guarantees of employment (at a living wage), housing, food and essential utilities for all.


  • Secure clean air, water and soil, in part through a REAL Green New Deal and its transition to 100% renewable energy.


  • Provide tuition free K-12 and college education, fighting privatization and protecting community control of public education.


  • Provide single payer, publicly-controlled health care for all, increasing healthcare availability in underserved minority communities.
  • End environmental and educational racism, empowering disenfranchised communities.

Equality and Human Rights

  • Bring an end to the senseless killing of people of color by law enforcement, establishing community oversight of police, limiting use of force and demilitarizing policing.
  • End deportations, detentions and family separations.
  • Affirm tribal sovereignty.
  • End colonialism (e.g., in Puerto Rico).


  • Provide grants to green businesses and support community coops.
  • Assert public control of the money supply.


  • Provide ranked choice voting, proportional representation and open debates.


  • End war and cease its funding, closing over 800 military bases abroad.
  • End the war on drugs feeding into profit-driven mass incarceration.

Party Building and #SeeGreensLead

Our ongoing #SeeGreensLead campaign is an effort to support and promote Green candidates in various parts of the country so that we create a movement of elected Green leaders representing Green values, stimulating membership growth and growth in the number of leadership opportunities.

6 thoughts on “Green Party Presidential Candidates on the path to 2020!”

    1. Actually, the intro was written by LeBeau Kpadenou, the Florida Co-Chair. Florida has a long way to go, but we’ve come a long way. Ed, you’ve always been solid!

  1. I would like to be assured that the green Party will adhere strongly to its environmental and preservation of nature and natural systems platform points.
    After admittedly mainstream Al Gore lost in the 2000 presidential election (although i was HIGHLY suspicious of his “preserving ‘our’ way of life”, I had researched him, finding that he had understood research pointing to the acceleration of global heating preceding even his Senate incumbency), I immediately switched to GP never again voting for the two corporate-controlled parties.
    But so many determined advocates of nonGreen issues have become involved, that I’ve noted compromises, even in the presence of accelerating extinctions and continuing loss and fragmentation of natural systems.

    Ecologists (although my focus has been ethology and comparative cognition, population biology necessarily includes considerable ecological background) have pointed out that humans MUST withdraw from exploitation of 12 to 2/3 of Earth’s area or natural systems.
    Yet, we see continuing fragmentation (see “Island Biogeography” for understanding the problems of fragmented habitats. See literature of behavioral sciences to understand a few basics of why human presence alone is correlated with impoverishment of ecosystems), and NEVER withdrawal.

    Some platform elements cannot be pursued congruently with others, and should the Green Party compromise or abandon the “Green” portion of its platform, it might have to change its name to reflect its changed agenda.

    I have lived in the US west and a few other states, observing the inexorable losses. I have noted that a VERY few nonGreen Party legislators DO prioritize the essential issues before one’s eyes in US states (and in a few formerly more openly corrupt nations which have claimed Green priorities, even in Constitutional articles).

    We can notice that some declared GP candidates do not even mention this central issue; thus I comment-query.

  2. Well said! I am excited for a Green New Deal, and for all of the candidates of the Green Party. One of my goals is helping bipartisan belongings in the Green Party from the 2 major parties. I was recently published in the East End Independent with mostly Green Party goals.
    Just Saturday, I walked south on a side street about 1.3 miles. I collected pictures of land being sold for real estate, and the realtors’ numbers. I am actively looking for donors for land trusts and for conservation easements.

    I also diligently clean up litter or garbage in my community. I sort the garbage and I log the plastics, paper, metals (usually aluminum), and dispose of the garbage in a recycling bin.

    Let’s go Green Party!

  3. Is that right how the Green New Deal failed on March 25th 2019? When 2 Legislators sought to make solar power, wind power-even social subsidies to the table? Why? In my Community Activism, here is my Green New Deal:
    1.) Harvesting Kibbutz or Community Land Trusts. To harvest trees for afforestation or Broccoli for health and sustainability.
    2.) Broccoli, apples and oranges for schools and for hospitals.
    3.) Pop-pop’s universal rule of thumb or 1/3rd of income to pay for a home.
    5.) An orange and a nicotine patch for smokers.
    6.) “Garbology, Planning and Recycling- Planning Recycling Quotas Through Multi-Zone Enforcement Bins and Enforcement”
    7.) To change the name of Dixie Highway as this reminds us of a hateful past leading into future.
    8.) Love thy neighbor
    9.) For commercial auto dealers to help pay for municipalities community transit and public transit.
    10.) For more community-a community walk club!
    11.) Drinking water testing
    12.) Solar power, wind power, cement not tar
    13.) Food Recovery from food waste at grocery stores. Match non profits with grocery store food waste. Particularly produce.
    14.) Land Conservation

    Anna Tedesco Maria Santacrocs

  4. Thanks

    I hope that affordable/workforce housing as a Social Justice issue can help those earning below what it takes to afford a market-rate home.

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