How to start a Green Party Affiliate

These are suggestions from people/groups that have done this. We are always looking to add to and improve this list to help start new affiliates through our state. Our main goal is to grow our party. Please bring your suggestions to the Party Building Outreach Committee. We conference call once a month and all Registered Greens are welcome to join in.

  1. SOE. Supervisor of Elections. Check with your local county office and get a list of Green Party Registered Voters in your county.  Ask to include addresses, E-mail, and phone numbers… This will give you an idea if you have enough people in your county to start an affiliate.
  2. Meeting place. preferred “free” public place, check Library, Union Hall, Community Center, etc.
  3. Set meeting date and time at lease 3 weeks ahead and prefer in the evening.
  4. Make flyers for meeting with the meeting information and contact name & numbers.
  5. Set up Facebook page & E-mail account.
  6. Start with GP Voters list contacting people. telephone, e-mail, facebook, door knocking. KEEP GOOD RECORDS.  who you talked to, bad addresses, phone numbers, etc.  Carry the flyer and membership form with you when you door knock and sign them up as members if they’re interested.  Remember that the word is FREE.  No cost.  I believe door knocking is the most effective method, and you get to meet really great people who many times are glad to see you.
  7. Prepare for meeting:
    State Petition.
    Examples are available on the web-site.  Call people night before or day of, as a Reminder.
  8. Elect co-chairs and support staff. Sign all paperwork. Give co-chairs information sheets with GP state contact numbers and instruction for submitting.  “Waaa-La”

Contact the PBOC or John Debus 772-349-5328 at any time for help and support.