Florida Electoral Politics Research Links

County Boards of Elections:

Your first stop for finding out about your county government, including which offices are up for election in the coming years, filing requirements, and other matters.  The offices of the Supervisors of Elections should become your friends.  The above link gives you a list of each county Board, with phone numbers and e-mails.  It should be up-to-date.

MyFlorida.com (Secretary of State):

An essential tool for checking on Election law pertaining to independent parties, as  well as filing information and other matters.

Florida State Government:

Florida Attorney General
Florida Governor

Florida State Legislature:

Florida State Legislature

Florida State Legislature by County

Florida State Senate:  The above link has links to the Florida Senate, including members, committees, district maps, district demographics,  statutes, and employment opportunities.

Florida Senate Results 2018:  Information on all candidates in previous election, vote totals, and  races  where only one major party contended.

Florida House of Representatives:  Similar information as above, but laid out differently.  District demographics are here.

Florida House Results 2018:  Same as for the Senate.

Florida Congressional District Demographics
Florida State House Maps and Demographics
Bills Before the Legislature
Florida State Legislature Key Votes
Florida Congressional Districts
Florida Legislative Delegations by County  A nasty looking text file but has the info.
Florida U.S. House Representatives
Florida Reps Voting Records

General Tools:

Zip Code Maps:  Can be an amazingly useful tool when zeroing in on local races and their district.

Project VoteSmart:  An exceedingly useful tool for looking  into the funding and voting records of our state legislators.

Ballotpedia:  All sorts of good stuff.

Ballot Access News
Run by Libertarian Independent Party expert Richard Winger, it is the definitive newsletter regarding independent parties across the nation.