Anatomy of a Revolution or Not?  From the Front lines.

Jesus casts out the moneychangers.

— Rev Bruce Wright
June 6, 2020

So here is the Problem that I saw firsthand while at the site in Minneapolis where George Floyd was lynched and murdered by Police.  White Evangelicals, who are otherwise supporting an openly racist and fascist President — the Orange Julius Caesar Trump —come to the sacred site of where George Floyd was murdered …  and try to convert people to Jesus.  Not the real Revolutionary Jesus, a person of color, of Indigenous people enslaved by an Empire, who overturned the Merchandisers in the Temple, and destroyed property, but instead the Jesus of the sweet bye and bye.  Just like the white slave masters did to the slaves.

Then they preach love, without real repentance on the part of White privilege.  I witnessed them being sectarian, as they drove away some Muslims, and others who weren’t “Christians.”  I witnessed a young Trans person, who I interviewed, express their hurt, their heart break, as so called Christians stood in judgment of them.

And yes, there were white Supremacists there today, incognito.  I have confronted white Nationalist Neo Nazis many times, and I recognize them when I see them  I tried to confront them today.  I saw others on the stage try to defend the Police and Military.  You had handlers come in to try to mitigate the Revolution, trying their hardest to avoid addressing the larger issues of the Police State, the evil of War, Capitalism, Imperialism and Neocolonialism.

Then I saw the folks who just want to demonize protestors for supporting the destruction of the Police precinct and the Police cars.  They don’t understand that the destruction of those symbols of oppression is different than the destroying local businesses and Black and Brown owned businesses.  That work was done by provocateurs, infiltrators, and undercover cops, pumped up by White Nationalists and some uninformed thrill seeking youth.

Much talk about love, which is imperative, BUT, calling on all to love when the onus to love must first fall, not on the oppressed classes of Black, Brown, Indigenous, women, poor and LGBTQIA, but on white privileged folks, and White SUPREMACY.  In order to truly love, one must acknowledge White Supremacy and change to become white allies.

I also witnessed the true Revolutionary folks …  Black, Brown, Indigenous, other abled, young, old, families, women, LGBTQIA folks, poor folks and white allies, who I believe want to, and are continuing the Revolution.   This movement is at a critical juncture.  The imperative is the Revolutionary movement continuing, resisting  being watered down and compromised by the mainstream liberal establishment, resisting being brutally beaten down by the Police state, White Supremacy and Trump.  Resisting being pacified by a Slave mentality style Christianity to get saved, without dealing with injustice, without following the true Jesus, a brown indigenous Revolutionary.  For me, I choose to follow the Revolutionary Jesus who seeks to unite the oppressed classes to overthrow White Supremacy, racism, war, Capitalism, Imperialism, and Neocolonialism.  CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE…

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