Occupy the Debates! Urgent call from Jill’s Campaign


jill baraka occupy the debates
jill & baraka occupy the debates monday 9/26/16


Dear Green Party Members,

The time to stand in solidarity and be heard – is NOW!  

Tonight is an historic moment in time. The two most wretched, ethically-challenged and unpopular candidates in history will be proposing their vision for America – and both will be ignoring issues that are critical to Americans.

According to USA TODAY, 76% of voters want 4-candidate debates. But the two establishment parties have conspired to exclude their competitors – something the League of Women Voters warned would be “perpetrating a fraud on the American voter.” Let that sink in — the League of Women Voters is one of the most trusted, truly non-partisan organizations in the country, predicted this moment.

The media wants us focused on the two establishment candidates at Hofstra tonight…

But we want the world to be watching

what’s going on outside the official arena.


The 2,000 police will be heavily armed, the fences will be high and the barricades will block us – but we’re going to Occupy the Debates anyway!

And we will be using the open internet and social media to go around the corporate media to broadcast our voices.

We have decided to heed the words of Jello Biafra– “Don’t hate the corporate media, become the media!” And we will do that outside the doors of Hofstra University tonight.

Deeper still, during the debate itself we will literally insert ourselves into the debate using Twitter/Periscope and Facebook Live.

We aim to have millions of people watching, listening and reading Jill actually participate live during the debate.

The Green Party will not
be kept from participating

in the Presidential Debates
tonight, September 26!




We know most of you can’t actually be there with us but Jill will be making sure that your voice is heard.

On Thursday, 12,500 calls went out asking for nearby supporters to join us. Jill has been in the midst of a media firestorm with several outlets clamoring for interviews with her before the Debates, and …


Many bus-loads of dedicated Green supporters will be heading to Hofstra, risking their reputation and their very liberty to stand side-by-side with Jill in unity and solidarity.

Even though she won’t be allowed to speak in the Debates, Jill’s voice WILL BE HEARD! Along with Ajamu’s voice, and the voices of thousands more. We’re going to make sure of it.

Will you help Jill today?

We will be non-violent, of course. But we are very aware that we are putting ourselves in harm’s way.

Make no mistake – we’re fully prepared for our people to be arrested in front of Hofstra University, the site of the Debates. We are not encouraging it nor do we endorse it, but it may happen. We’ll demonstrate peacefully and do everything we can to prevent our people and Jill from being arrested, but there are no guarantees.

After all, Jill and her 2012 running mate, Cheri Honkala, WERE arrested outside of Hofstra University when they showed up in 2012. They were held by police in a secret “black site” location in handcuffs for hours – until the Debates were over.

Tonight, our plan is to get Jill away from the demonstration when the Debates actually start, to a safe place where she can livestream her answers to the same questions being asked of Clinton and Trump.

We’re taking over
the people’s airwaves –

On every social media
platform we can – especially Twitter/Periscope
and FaceBook live.


Jill will be tweeting out answers to the Debate questions as they are asked. There will be a Periscope livestream of her actually participating in the debate as if she were on stage.

The Periscope stream will be featured prominently on the Twitter page alongside the official Twitter livestream of the event.

Readers will be able to watch and share individual responses as they are posted in Jill’s Twitter stream. At the end of the debate, she’ll open the conversation to the American people with a bonus half hour of a Twitter Town Hall!

It’s time to make history!

This is the moment for action….Right now!


If things turn sour for our supporters, they will need immediate help. You can be sure that the Establishment forces will be heavily armed at Hofstra. And you know what will happen if our people get even the tiniest bit out of line.

With your help though, we can be prepared for whatever we need to do.

What do we need you to do?  



Donate – We desperately need your financial support today.

Share – Be ready to re-share Jill’s feed to your contacts.

Defend –  Against the onslaught of misinformation the Establishment will start throwing at us.

Will you help us make history today?

As Jill says, “it’s in our hands.”

Never will that be more true than on September 26th when we seize the national stage.

Gloria Mattera
Campaign Chair
P.SPlease give whatever you can. We’re pulling out all the stops to get as many protestors to the Debate site as possible. This one effort will cost thousands of dollars and possibly untold legal fees. Your support in any amount will help get us over the top.
P.P.S. Media coverage of the demonstration should be intense given that this week has been a media blitz for Jill. Yesterday she was on was MSNBC at 12 noon eastern, then CNN at Hofstra at 5pm eastern. Today, Jill will be on Fox Business Channel at 12:30pm Eastern, MSNBC at 1:30pm Eastern, and ABC Digital over Facebook Live at 4pm eastern. Make no mistake, the whole world will see Jill and her platform at our demonstration on Monday and afterwards – which is why we need your help.


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