— Officers & Delegates 2018-2019

As of July 1, 2018 (updated as necessary)

State Officers

Female co-chair:

• Robin Harris, (Orange), oyaa4afrika@gmail.com

Male co-chair:

• Samson LeBeau Kpadenou, (Palm Beach), LeBeau@LeBeauK.com


• Emma Naclerio, (Hillsborough), naclerioemma@gmail.com

Recording Secretary:

• Chris Cordola, (St. Lucie), chriscor96c@aol.com


• Aaron Frost, (Palm Beach), treasurer@gpfl.org

Assistant Treasurer:

• Rogelio Perez Gonzalez, (Palm Beach), rogelioperez@protonmail.com

Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees members consist of the four officers and up to 9 additional members who are elected annually. They are responsible for making sure the party continues to grow and prosper, and fulfills all legal requirements. They help provide leadership and assistance with strategic planning. In 2018, the Board consists of the  officers listed above.

• Robin Harris
• Samson LeBeau Kpadenou
• Emma Naclerio
• Aaron Frost
• Rogelio Perez Gonzalez
• Chris Cordola


The Green Party of Florida has Spokespersons (alpha-order) who act as contact persons for the media and are authorized to speak for the Party. We may also have individuals who are authorized to speak on a case by case basis relative to a particular event or issue:

• Robin Harris, Orange, Oyaa4afrika@gmail.com
• Karen Morian, Duval, duvalgreens@gmail.com
• Anita Stewart, Pasco, anitastewart@gmail.com
• Steve Showen, Miami-Dade, seventhgeneration@fastmail.fm

State Coordinating Council:

The principal governing and decision-making body of the Green Party of Florida is the State CC.  Among its responsibilities are to provide vision, leadership and direction to the Party in the spirit and in the light of the Ten Key Values and to coordinate state-wide Green Party actions (political, issues or electoral) between the several County Green Parties and Locals.

For list of Coordinating Committee Delegates, see our Affiliates page.

GPFL Membership Committee:

• John Debus

GPFL Communications Board (Web/Social Media) (alpha-order):

• Aaron Frost
• Cathy Gilbert
• Samson LeBeau Kpadenou
• Nikita Litersky
• Rogelio Perez Gonzalez

Delegates to the Green Party of the United States:

GPF is currently accredited for 3 delegates to the National Green Party of the United States Coordinating Committee. This number can expand up to 6 as GPF grows. Delegates are elected annually. Alternates are also elected in order to determine which persons would serve as alternates as needed and when available. (alpha-order)
• Maggie Gouldin
• Henry Lawrence
• Elijah Manley

Alternate delegates:
• John Debus
• Emma Naclerio
• Regelio Perez Gonzalez

Observers to GPUS Delegate list:
• Cathy Gilbert
• Steve Newman
• Nick Osterman

Members on GPUS Committees – 2018-2019:

Accreditation Committee:
• Rose Roby

Animal Rights:
• Bonnie Redding
• Nick Ostermann
• Parry Donze

• Joshua Pritchett
• Stephen Newman
• Aaron Frost (observer)

Fin/Comm  (elected by the GPUS NC):
• Josh Pritchett

• LeBeau Kpadenou (observer):
• Aaron Frost (observer)

• Mathi Mugilan
• Regelio Perez
• Elijah Manley
• Emine Didek (observer)

• Josh Pritchett (observer)

• Jennifer Sullivan
• Wendy Ray

Platform & Rules:
• Elijah Manley


• Robin Harris
• Elijah Manley

• Rogelio Perez

• Chris Cordola
• Nick Ostermann
• Elijah Manley
• Emma Nacelario

• Jennifer Sullivan

• Elijah Manley