The Constitution of the United States vs. the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Over time, powerful economic interests have leveraged their economic power to purchase law-makers, change laws, have corporations defined as people, and had money defined as speech. Now they want to give international corporations special status above the rights of people and beyond the control of governments. Fast Track, aka Trade Promotion Authority, is a direct assault on the Constitution. If passed, it will enable passage of treaties that will undermine the sovereignty of the United States, and the authority of U.S. laws and courts.

— submitted by Jim Howe*
January 19, 2014

constitutionThe Constitution of the United States was written to limit and define the powers of the government of the United States. It divides that government into three (3) branches, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The Bill of Rights was added to further limit the powers of government. The Constitution could not have been adopted without the Bill of Rights. The Constitution begins with “We the People”. It is written in plain English, takes up all of four (4) pages, and can be easily understood by “We the People”. It, and the Bill of Rights, were written as a defense against tyrannical government.

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