Pennsylvania steals Hawkins/Walker Ballot Access by Stephen Baker

Dear Editor,

It is interesting how we always hear the Democrats complaining about Republicans using any despicable means to win an election and retain power.  Considering their history of gerrymandering districts, purging voter rolls, and other types of voter suppression these complaints are valid.  But what do they think when their own party does the same type of thing?  This is what happened to the Green Party Presidential and VP candidates.

Pennsylvanians should know just how obscene this activity was.  Firstly the Democrats, and their partisan judges, forced the Greens to collect 5000 signatures during the pandemic.  Judicial relief from this was denied.  Then after risking their health and well being gathering the signatures, the Dems then challenged said signatures.  Eventually after a long sordid affair the President and VP candidates were tossed off the ballot by judicial decision based on a very dubious technicality.

I thought that democracy meant that all who want to run for elected office and met the qualifications should appear on the ballot–not be harassed.  Also aren’t having more candidate choices healthy for a good democracy?  Apparently the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania doesn’t care to stand by their own principles.  Just like the Republicans they will use any despicable means to gain an advantage.  Their hypocrisy is palpable.

Stephen E. Baker
New Smyrna Beach, FL  32169
Ph:  717-434-9488  or 386-410-4095
Former Resident of York, PA