Run For Office


The Filing Deadline to file your paperwork to Run For Office in 2018 and collect the necessary signatures to get your People Powered Campaign on the ballot is for most races in June 2018.

The “Revolution For All” needs YOU to RUN for Office!

Over 68,000 voters in all 67 Florida Counties rejected the “disliked and untrusted” Presidential Candidates thrust on the American People in 2016 by both major corporate political parties. Instead these voters courageously invested their votes in a Green New Deal. The Green New Deal is a comprehensive vision of an America that has had its government taken over by every-day average Americans and which ends its world destroying addiction to fossil fuels by the 2030s.

Over 3.4 Million Floridians reject the corporate Democratic and Republican Parties on a daily basis and are registered with a 3rd Party already (347,000+ voters) or as a member of No Political Party (3.1 Million+ voters). The Green Party of Florida, its Local Chapters, and individual members are ready to build the movement for a Green New Deal right here in Florida. We’re ready to challenge the Corporate Parties, fight to Open our Debates and restore our democracy. We’re seeking candidates up and down the ballot all across Florida who have the courage to stand up for a “Revolution For All” here in Florida. Green Party of Florida candidates must be registered Green Party voters. However, we welcome #DemExit and #GOPExit candidates who switch their voter registration to the Green Party of Florida, complete Green Party of Florida vetting and who will support the 10 Key Values of the Green Party in whole or in part in their campaigns for Public Office. Allied voters are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer and get involved in Green Party campaigns.

Running for Office is a serious life decision that should never be made lightly. The Green Party of Florida encourages all prospective candidates for office to watch the following videos from our October 2017 Campaign Training School in Orlando, Florida. The first video presented by Hillary Kane (PA Green Party) from the United States Green Party Coordinated Campaign Committee is “Running for Office 101.” In Running for Office 101 you will get an overview of the Election Cycle and an introduction to various questions you will need to consider in weather to run for office, how to announce your campaign, and managing your campaign over the election cycle.

In the second video presented by Erin Fox (MI Green Party) also from the United States Green Party Coordinated Campaign Committee leads a discussion on Goal Setting for Campaigns. Running for Office as a Green is a life-changing experience for our Green Candidates and their communities and it is important that all Green campaigns set achievable and realistic goals for their campaign that include winning, growing the Green Party, and raising the issue/platform/values of the Green Party.

The next step is to contact the Green Party of Florida and let us know that your interested in being our Green People Powered Nominee for the office your interested in running for.

Once we receive you responses you will be put in touch with members of the Green Party of Florida Board of Trustees who will connect you with the Local Green Party Chapter closest too you so that you can talk to the Greens in your area about forming a campaign team to win your race! We will also help provide you with the outline necessary to write your Campaign Plan. All Green Party of Florida candidates are expected to complete a Campaign Plan that will help guide their choices throughout the election cycle, build confidence among your large or sustaining donors, and assist you with receiving the endorsement of the Green Party of Florida in your electoral campaign. 

It’s In Our Hands to put People, Planet, and Peace over Profit across Florida!