Siege of Capitol by White mob met little resistance.

— Robin Harris
Co-Chair, Green Party of Florida
January 6, 2021

Rioting.  Looting.  Broken glass.  Disrespect to media and cops.  It wasn’t Black Lives Matters protesters or anarchists.  This was the scene at and in the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon.  MAGA protesters stormed the Capitol and walked right in.  One MAGA supporter walked into the Chambers and announced that Trump had won the election!  Another rioter went to Nancy Pelosi’s office and put his feet on her desk to declare the same.

The Capitol taken over by a predominantly white mob.  They made it look simple.  There was very little resistance from Capitol cops.  Did Capitol cops not fear for their lives?  Did they not see weapons being wielded?  Windows were shattered so there could be easy entrance by MAGA patriots.  Somehow they were able to enter without harm.

The breach on Capitol Hill was extremely alarming.  And for many, to watch how little was done to stop this angry mob was disgraceful.

In 2013, 26 bullets ripped the body of a black woman, Miriam Carey.  She had made a u-turn near the White House and was killed by Capitol cops.  How was it that one woman was slain in such a manner?  So quickly?  No time lapse.  No grace given.  No hesitation.  While Amerikkka watched this siege in broad daylight, we saw law enforcement running away.

There are many components to this coup.  One thing for sure is that this capitalistic duopoly system is failing.  The electoral process is in shambles.  (This takes place on the day of certification for the presidential election.)  The hypocrisy is astonishing.

Black Americans who watched these events unfold could not help but think that if these protesters had been black, they would have been murdered like Miriam Carey and so many others.  What also comes to mind is the rhetoric that Trump used in July 2020:  “Anarchists, Agitators, or Protestors who vandalize or damage our Federal Courthouse in Portland or in any of our federal buildings or in any of our cities or states, will be prosecuted under our recently reenacted Statues and Monuments Act.  Minimum 10 years in prison.  Don’t do it!”  He made this statement on the heels of the George Floyd rebellions.  He told Governors to get “much tougher” and to “dominate” them.  He went on to say that protesters need to be arrested and tracked.

On this day, Wednesday January 6, 2021, the same President who had called for Black Lives Matter protesters to be jailed now showed and verbalized his deep love for MAGA savages.  Capitol Cops added to this hypocrisy with passive and delayed action while rioters bolted through doors and windows.  This has never been the case for black Americans.

There are many discussions that must take place around the attitude that Amerikkka has for black people.  More importantly, we must discuss how Amerikka plans to repair the damage and transfer power and wealth to its most marginalized communities.  An extreme request?  Yes it is.  The privilege and favor given to white Amerikkka on this day justifies the request.

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