The Green’s Economic Justice Caucus Facebook Page – What it is

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The Greens’ Economic Justice Caucus is a page on Facebook devoted to issues of economics and economic justice and injustice, both in this country and worldwide.  The page got its start about a year ago (spring 2013) as one of a number of Green Facebook pages.  These pages have evolved.  Originally the page in question was titled “Green Party Economic Justice Caucus” and the name has changed a few times.

‘Green Party’ had to be taken out of the name, since this page is not actually a part of the Green Party of the U.S. and the name was not allowed to imply it was an official Green Party organization.  The page, however, is proud to show it has green values.  Anyone can comment and contribute to it and I know some of the contributors and visitors are not Green Party members.  This is an open group and currently it has 100 members from across the country.

From the beginning I have been one of the page’s admins, since I was asked to basically oversee it.  This made me the moderator of the page.  I get a weekly summary that shows how much traffic flows into the page.  It is not a high volume page, but there is a fair amount of activity most weeks and traffic to the page has increased over the latest few months.  My job is to find some content every week that is economic in nature and has an interest for greens.  We have had only a few disagreements and none heated.  Usually disagreements are more of misunderstandings that can be easily resolved.

Some weeks I have an easier time than others in finding good material.  The news is a good source, but I like to dig into newsy topics.  We all know news articles are sometimes biased or not accurate at all.   I post what I find and try to stay focused on what are green interests.  I also sometimes post items from sources away from news issues.  These include health-related topics, as many issues with health have economic issues built into them.

Thankfully, a number of others post things.  The types of things on the page include some of the following:

  • Items concerning health billing changes that impact the public, especially those unable to shoulder the costs.
  • The economic impact of adopting green energy projects.
  • The economic impact of problems with fossil energy, including pollution and spills.
  • News about what those at the top of the 1% of society do that impacts us all. I have noticed the escapades of the Koch brothers get much attention.
  • Articles about the impact of plain old greed on society.
  • International items concerning drilling, fishing rights, posturing of countries that want to dominate neighbors.

We had one interesting discussion on the page a while back that made me think about the concept of those at the top one percent of the economic system versus the rest of us.  We discussed whether we should focus on the top one percent or whether we should be looking at the top tenth or hundredth of the top one percent.  I know persons who are definitely in the top one percent, but they made their money by hard work in businesses that in no way exploit others.  However, those at the top one hundredth of the one percent are different.  They are the individuals who run or help run large corporations and the like.  They are the ones who export jobs to cheap labor markets and the like.  They have vast power that some of them abuse whenever they feel like it.

I urge everyone who reads this to look up the Greens’ Economic Justice Caucus on Facebook and see what is there.  Feel free to comment or post things from online sites that would be of interest.  Also, take a look at the other green pages, which include “Greens’ Campaign Finance Reform,” “Greens’ Healthcare Improvement Caucus,” “Greens’ Environmental Justice & Renewable Energy Caucus,” “Greens’ Capitalism:  Gentrification, Rent Control, Mortgage, Home Ownership” and “Greens’ Nonviolence Advocacy Caucus.”  These are all open groups, so anyone can visit.

Bill Pollard

Author: William Pollard

I live in Highlands County, a strange mix of snowbirds and agricultural interests. I am currently a member of the Highlands County Historic Preservation Commission, to which I was appointed in 2013. I am the chief admin and moderator of two Facebook Green pages, the Greens and Independents of Highlands County, Florida, and the Greens' Economic Justice Caucus.

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