The goals of the Green Party of Florida are:

  • Working with GPFL affiliates to promote the Green Party of Florida
  • Building new GPFL affiliates in counties where none yet exist
  • Assisting Green candidates in their campaigns for state and local offices


Resources for GPFL Affiliates

This section will include graphics, forms, and other material for use by affiliates.

Active Membership Form


Building New GPFL Affiliates

How to start a Green Party affiliate
How to Grow & Operate your Green Party Affiliate


Green Party of the Unite Sates – Process Manual: Meetings and Decision-making in Green Locals
Green Party of the United Sates – An Organizing Manual


Affiliate Sample Bylaws (pdf)
Affiliate Petition for Recognition (pdf)
Active Membership Form


Assisting Green Candidates

Information to help run more effective campaigns.

The Green Party of Florida welcomes Green Candidates to post links to their websites and campaign news. To get your campaign news posted, please contact a member of the web team.
Don’t forget to enlist the help of your local GPFL affiliate!


GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC)
Political Campaign Planning Manual, published by the National Democratic Institute

The first step in developing a winning strategy must begin with a realistic assessment of the political landscape in which you will be running. It is true that you can never know everything about your district, your opponents and the voters. However, by using your time wisely and setting clear priorities, you will be able to compile the kind of information you need to develop a good strategy and be prepared for most events in the coming campaign. There are a number of factors that should be understood as completely as possible as you prepare to write a campaign plan:

1. What is the type of election and what are the rules?
2. What are the characteristics of the district?
3. What are the characteristics of the voters?
4. What has happened in past elections?
5. What are the main factors affecting this election?
6. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate?
7. What are the strengths and weaknesses of all the viable opponents?

Government Resources for Candidates

Florida Voter Registration Form
2012 Presidential Votes by County (Florida)
Supervisor of Elections by County
Florida Division of Elections
Florida Division of Elections – Campaign Requirements and Deadlines
Contact Congresspersons (112th Congress)
Contact Congresspersons (113th Congress)