Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!

A note from the candidate:

Tuesday is the day we can make a difference.  But frankly, it is clear that we already have.

My opponent is getting nervous.  First of all, he has been adopting my positions.  In our first side-by-side radio interviews on WJNO, Joel Malkin interviewed me first, and latched onto my founding Black Lives Matter in Palm Beach County.  Joel then asked Silvers about that and pointed out that Silvers was touting his endorsements from the FOP (Fraternal order of Police) and the BPA (Benevolent Police Association).  Suddenly, Silvers is all like “Cops?  I…  pfft…  no, man, I don’t get down with cops.  I mean, sure, they endorsed me, but I don’t know them.”

If you were a cop and supporting Silvers, you’d be embarrassed.  At least I threw you a bone when I pointed out that you are put in impossible situations because your bosses are politicians with political agendas!

Over the course of the next two interviews he has become more and more Green in his speech.  First — out of the blue — he began expressing concern about affordable housing.  This has been one of my primary issues all along.  I am a member of the Palm Beach Tenants’ union, which is supporting the residents of Stonybrook Housing against the politicians and Millennia management company who have turned that low-income, mostly Black housing into a total hellhole.  The Green Party of Florida considers opposing-gentrification to be one of its biggest issues.  Then, in the Sun Sentinel interview, Silvers gave a speech about sea level rise and climate warming!  He could have lifted that paragraph right out of my own platform!  Of course he also omitted the part about providing solutions.  Exposing him is almost fun.

After one rough night at work, I opened Facebook and saw that Sylvia Sharps shared a post of mine.  She had just lost in the Democratic primary for County Commission.  She reshared from my campaign page a link to the Sun Sentinel interviews that I was proud to brag about.  She captioned it “I prefer Silvers.”

This smells funny to me.

Here’s the thing…  She shared it privately.  From my page.  We aren’t friends and I only saw it because it came from my page.  Why is a supporter of David Silvers sniffing around my campaign page and resharing my stuff to very tepidly counter it.

“I support David Silvers!”

Talk about damning with faint praise.

Of course it is possible that Ms. Sharps stumbled upon my post organically and felt the need to react mildly but immediately.  But I wonder how many Dem insiders (with enough savvy not to reshare my actual post from my page) are trying to repurpose my message to their insider friends at the request on Mr. Silvers or his supporters.

I get why Silvers is getting scared, even though he has out-raised me 15:1.  The Progressive community has begun to rally around my campaign.  Tim Canova, progressive warrior from Broward who is fighting to unseat disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has endorsed my campaign, followed closely by Our Revolution Broward.  Former presidential candidate David Cobb has come aboard and more support has been forthcoming.  I have received neutral-to-favorable press in the establishment forums mentioned above, unheard of for a Green before 2016.  And unlike Mr. Silvers, I have a stated platform.

It may sound crazy for me to believe that a millionaire media tycoon needs to bother paying any attention to some waiter/activist, but I get it.  I actually think Cornerstones Solutions is doing it.

In July, the month before his primary with a credible Progressive opponent in the Democratic primary, SIlvers paid cornerstone about $15,000(!).  In September, the month after the primary, the Silvers campaign paid Cornerstone $30,500.  This month, with still 10 day left to go? Cornerstone has been paid almost $33,000 to beat me, a neophyte candidate who is a Democratic Socialist, African-American, Green Party candidate (Red, Black and Green) who has only raised $10,000 total.

David Silvers has only run in one contested general election and he lost it!  I suppose he was taking the advice of people like those at Cornerstone.  He lost it election while spending more money than any other candidate in the other 120 races across the state for state rep.  These people are great at those elite insider races we call primaries, but have yet to prove their mettle when dealing with real American general election voters.

I say to Silvers, Sylvia Sharps and Cornerstone Solutions:  I invite you to share my messages.  Adopt or distort them as you see fit.  I would love nothing more than for Mr. Silvers to take some real positions (ANY positions) ahead of the congressional or senate campaign he seems to be planning for 2022.

I say I am coming for you all.  Tuesday could be a big surprise.  My votes will be earned by talking about real issues that affect real people in Florida’s 87th, not by some made-up personal attack or slut-shaming, as has been done before in previous District 87 races.

I hope you have been watching my page carefully, Cornerstone.

I hope you watched the speech I gave at the Women’s March.  Because that story is about to go on blast.

And know this, Mr. Silvers: if you continue to co-opt my message and it wins, and you suddenly see the light and decide to follow through in office, I will be your advocate.

But also know that the Green message is stronger than your non-message.  The people want their tax dollars to go to them, not your rich cronies.  Your 2014 loss proved that money won’t win you every race.  If you continue to run for U.S. Senate on the line you are using now, all your Pharma and Big Sugar and Big Insurance and Union-Busting Disney/Walmart money won’t save you.

And to Cornerstones: A little professional advice…  You should have hired some Republican staff member to enter this race.  With no spoiler effect in place, no one for the Democrats to fear-monger against, the Democrat has little to offer against a real Green.

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