Green Party of Florida Presidential Primary Registration

First, you will need to be registered to vote in Florida as a Green Party member by May 5th. You can register to vote or update your registration with the Florida Division of Elections online at this address:

If you have any issues accessing this site, we recommend you contact you county Supervisor of Elections. A contact list is here:

Then, you will need to fill out a Ballot Request Form which is available below. If you have been exempted by the state from public records request we will not be able to verify you using the automated process. In that case, please email us at with your voter ID number and we will register you automatically.

Once you have done that, you will receive an email confirming our receipt of your form and that we have the correct email address for you. You should receive that email almost immediately after submitting the form. If not, (and you don’t find the email in your “Spam” folder, either), that means the email address on your form was incorrect. At that point, we ask that you try again or contact us at

Within 24 hours of receiving the receipt-confirmation email, you will receive another email, either informing you of our success in matching you up with your voter record and giving you a code to vote online, or saying we failed to match you up with your voter record, most likely because you entered your identifying information incorrectly. If it’s the former, you’ll have the code you need to cast your ballot! If we are unable to verify your information we will send you an email with further instructions. If you have any issues you can contact us at

The primary will end at around 11 :00 AM on Saturday, May 30th

That’s it! Grassroots democracy from the comfort of your home. Thanks for being a Green!