War in Eden

War in Eden

In order to perpetrate the horrific violent acts that war requires a person to commit, which goes against all human decency and whatever civilized conditioning we learn from childhood, we must first be able to dehumanize our enemies. Whatever culture, race or creed we decide we want to conquer, enslave or destroy, we must first demonize them in our minds in order for us to resort to such barbarism.

I will dare even suggest that there are those psychopaths in our society, who have no remorse or emotions and only have pleasure and material gain as their driving force in life are most often the ones starting the wars and manipulating others into believing that war is the only option.

Sociology has learned that one out of 200 people are psychopaths and that that small percent do the highest percentage of damage to civilized societies. Could it be that we are being manipulated by a few deviant minds in our ranks? If so, we need to arm ourselves against such possible threats and declare that war be abolished.

If you find that your neighbor stole your bicycle from your garage, the police don’t blow up and entire elementary school whilst he’s picking up his child from school, do we? Of course not, that would be insane! So how can we justify dropping fire bombs and atom bombs on cities filled with innocent people. It is the same thing, is it not? If you don’t think so, talk with people from war torn countries. An overwhelming majority of victims have nothing to do with the politics or military in their vicinity and are just collateral damage according to statistics. When New York’s twin towers were demolished by acts of terrorism, it was in response to our government’s irresponsible behavior to societies on foreign soils. We were experiencing “blowback” and should not be surprised that that happened or will happen again. We not only responded to their act of violence to our innocent but dealt back ten fold in violence and destruction to their innocent. It is madness! Two wrongs don’t make a right. The United States of America is more at risk now from terrorism that it ever was before 9/11 because we behaved in a knee jerk reaction as we always do.

This world has been at war since before I was born and throughout my life. It is a booming, excuse the pun, industry that has no incentive to see world peace. 

The late, great, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had envisioned a time when war was abolished. I think that that time is now or never. Albert Einstein, without whose mind the Atomic Bomb would never have been invented said that “everything has changed except the way we think….The 4th world war will be fought with sticks and stones.” The late US Marine General Smedley Butler wrote a book called “War is a Racket”! What more do we need to realize that war is obsolete and is what is stopping us from becoming, what Dr. Michio Kaku calls, a type 1 planet system.

Most planets with intelligent life, if there are any, would never reach this stage 1 in planetary evolution because they would have destroyed themselves. We are at Stage zero at this time. Will we be just another extinct planet in the universe or can we evolve to see if we are truly alone or is there an entire new “world” that is just waiting to see if we will ever “grow up” and mature into a peaceful, life affirming, eco-friendly society in which we can shed our old skin of archaic thinking and behaving and break out of our decaying chrysalis and become a beautiful universal butterfly.

This blue marble, spaceship earth, which is flying through the heavens is a rare and unique gift that the universe has blessed us with. Will we squander it, as described in the biblical verse, “do not give pearls to swine lest they be trampled under hoof” or will we reclaim and restore the “Garden of Eden” that we have all but made uninhabitable and extinct of all life.

Futurist, Theoretical Physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, by using the Kardashev scale, says we may reach type 1 status in as soon as 100 years, but as we have learned from Climatologists that by then, Global Warming will have reached the tipping point and will be irreversible, thus sealing humanity’s fate by missing our chance to evolve in the universe. We have less than 5 years, if we are lucky, to come to terms with this problem and if we don’t, well, God help us all.

In conclusion, I have come to the realization that there is a War going on in the Garden of Eden and we can either help destroy it or help restore it to its vanishing glory. I say to the materialists and atheists, to look inside yourself for that trace of hope and love that us sentient beings all possess, if we are fortunately enough to be blessed with this greatest gift of all, and realize that no matter what your philosophical or religious beliefs, what I am saying is the truth and there can be no argument on the matter.

We can live out the rest of our days in fear, poverty, misery, pride, ignorance and selfishness or we can work together with tolerance, grace and dignity, knowing that each individual makes a difference and that by joining together towards a mutually beneficial goal, we can achieve what others have dreamed of. We can truly make this a paradise on earth. Will we be cursed by posterity for our inaction and cowardice or will be be praised for our courageous acts of kindness?

The choice is ours. Who’s with me?

The Green Party is built on a philosophy of peace, tolerance, justice, equality, freedom and truth. Please join with us to help make this a better world today before our tomorrows have ended before they have a chance to begin. Be a part of this revolutionary movement of peace.



Christoph Rocker

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