We gained a lot of ground in 2016!




Now that the dust is settling around the presidential election and people like you and me are coming out of the profound shock of a Trump presidency, it’s become apparent that the Green vote – and Green issues – gained a lot of ground this year.

In short, our movement scored several victories! Just look at this list below:


Ballot Access – We maintained ballot lines in 12 states thanks to voters casting over 1.2 million votes for Jill and Ajamu. (We are on the ballot in lots of other states as a result of Green Party voter registration).

Marijuana legalization – California, Massachusetts and Nevada all passed marijuana legalization (recreational and medical for those 21 years or older). Marijuana for medical use was also approved in Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas.

Minimum Wage – In Alabama, Colorado, and Maine, the minimum wage will  increase to $12 by 2020; in Washington, the minimum wage will increase to $13.50 by 2020.

Repealing Citizens United – Washington state passed initiative 735 and California passed Proposition 59 calling for a constitutional amendment to abolish the illegitimate, court-created concepts of “corporate constitutional rights” and “money equals political speech.”

District of Columbia – A resolution in favor of DC statehood passed.


Ranked-Choice Voting – Maine and Benton County, Oregon both adopted measures approving Ranked-Choice Voting.

Standing Rock/DAPL – In this election, we also participated in the growing movement at Standing Rock being led by indigenous people.

We were the only presidential campaign to stand in solidarity with the water protectors, and Jill and Ajamu were the only Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to actually go and lend their support. The campaign also sent a delegation for an entire week.

We’re proud of that record.

(By the way, Jill and Ajamu will still have legal expenses to travel back and forth to North Dakota on charges of criminal mischief, and will need legal representation, too. If you’d like to help defray travel and legal expenses, click here.)

Also, Greens were elected at the local level! We elected 3 in Minnesota, 5 in Michigan, and 10 to 13 in California, and 1 in Florida.


Overall, the Green Party had many victories!

Now, you may still feel shell-shocked and you may feel it’s a little soon to focus on our accomplishments.

We get it. Trump’s election came as a shock to everyone. And it came on the heels of the nastiest, most bitter campaign in our history.

Fully 80% of voters in America were “repulsed” by this election according to a poll in the New York Times.

Not only did the DNC sabotage Bernie Sanders, they actively worked with corporate media to elevate Donald Trump as a “Pied Piper Candidate” to encourage the most extreme elements of the Republican party.

It’s simply despicable what they did.

But the Green Party is the answer to despair and doubt!

It’s natural to feel sad at the election of Trump, but ultimately we must pick up, move on, and continue with the really great momentum we have.

We are the political arm of this ongoing peaceful, revolutionary, social movement. Our democracy demands we fight on in defense of our values. Fighting for what is right is always worth it – and there is much more work to do.

There’s a right amount of time to mourn – but then, we organize!

Green Party activists are hitting the ground running by organizing and calling for actions against harmful policies, as well as for much needed reforms to the political system.

In the face of a Trump presidency, we need to organize and speak out even more!

We are calling for immediate, direct actions against the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the lame duck session. We already have plans in place to mobilize against it!

We’re also co-organizing for “Occupy the Inauguration” demonstrations on January 20 and 21 (the anniversary of Citizens United).

Nothing has changed for us. Nothing has changed in regard to our leftist party-building directives. We were going to have to fight either way, and resist “empire” no matter what.

But this campaign has been costly.

Will you stand with us and help this campaign end debt-free?

We thank you for being the engine of this revolution and we are with you on this team. We will continue to carry on.

More than one million people stood up for what they knew was right and voted for the Green Party. That’s almost three times more votes than Jill garnered in her 2012 run.

Our movement is growing – this is the beginning, not the end. We will not mourn forever –  we will organize.

This message is to encourage you, fellow Green. We’re with you. Shake off the despair and continue onward and upward with us! There is much to be thankful for and much more to be done …

And it’s in our hands.

Gloria Mattera
Stein/Baraka Campaign Chair

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